Keeping Capitol Hill bloodsucker free

When was the last time you were bitten by a mosquito on Capitol Hill? I’ve had to dig a few gnats from my beer foam but I’ve never given a drop of blood to a mosquito in Seattle.

Yet the city is on a skeeter jihad and dropping bacteria into the sewer system to protect us from West Nile virus:

Only three people in Washington got West Nile virus last year, one of the last states in the nation to be affected. But health officials say they expect an increase because once the virus is present, chances of it spreading increase.

“The potential is definitely there,” said Sharon Hopkins, a veterinarian for Public Health — Seattle & King County, as she joined other officials Monday on Queen Anne Hill to demonstrate the larvacidal technology.

At least they’re not spraying moth pesticide again but this still seems like worry wart overkill. No, not this post — the money we’re spending (probably from some special federal program) on bacteria, to be specific.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Capitol Hill bloodsucker free

  1. For those of us who got our property valuation assessments in the last week, it looks like the bloodsucker we all need to keep an eye on is King County A$$e$$or Scott Noble.

    A 38% increase in total value in one year? I know of one neighbor whose property went up 58% from last year.

    Anyone else as badly stung as this?