A home for Monsoon Capitol Hill

While we’re playing the dating game trying to match Half Pint Ice Cream with a suitable Capitol Hill location (preferably within waddling distance of my front door), we might also want to introduce the soon-to-be homeless Monsoon Capitol Hill with East John Court.

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3 thoughts on “A home for Monsoon Capitol Hill

  1. Can’t say I’ll miss them. Over-priced with mediocre (at best) service and a complete lack of ambience. Hopefully the apartment building will have room for retail, maybe something like a Mont’s Market. The old market where Vios is was terrible, but that’s one thing 19th could really use.

    Now if only the 1/2 block where the mob-front (“holiday gift and craft”) shop is would get similarly redeveloped, maybe with a small gym and another restaurant or two…

  2. FYI, the John Court project was not designed to accommodate full-service restaurants, so I don’t think it would work out.