Shop Capitol Hill this weekend, feel good, get deals

When I was a younger man, I, too, would have been less than enthusiastic about the provincial message that is shop local. But I am old. And I now have my own business (you’re reading it). And I know that you only get so long to spin around this planet. And make things. And get things. And I sure don’t want to end my spinning knowing that I didn’t get things in a way that helped my friends and neighbors.

Take The Economist and wipe your bum with it. Go shopping local this weekend.

Here’s the list of Hill merchants, restaurants and watering holes taking part in the City Stimulus promo this weekend. Happy spinning. And, oh, btw, if you have a Hill biz and want to get in the mix, leave a comment here to let people know.

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4 thoughts on “Shop Capitol Hill this weekend, feel good, get deals

  1. I went by Vita yesterday to buy a bag of coffee beans. I asked if I could have a free 8 oz coffee, and the cashier said that I had to bring a printout from the web page. I wasn’t heartbroken but it seemed pretty weaselly to me.