So, what time does new Oddfellows open anyhow?

For those of you planning to be the first in line to try out the new Linda Derschang-Volunteer Park Cafe joint venture Oddfellows, I have a date and time for you.

Friday, December 19th.


That’s the word. Here is what to expect from the partnership of the powerhouse behind Linda’s and Smith and Ericka Burke, part of the VPC “Always Fresh Goodness” duo. From the very wonderful blog of Seattle artist Joe Veltkamp (who somehow got the scoop [yeah, Seattlest, you too] on their opening date! but i got the time!):

I asked Linda what the most appreciable difference between this and her/Erica’s [sic] other establishments. She said, “Oddfellows opens really early which we certainly aren’t used to in my company! It is definitely a café + bar rather than a pub like Smith, King’s and Linda’s”.

Joey also says the joint is planning for 7a openings, early birds. Oddfellows will be located at 1525 10th Ave, between Pine and Pike.

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5 thoughts on “So, what time does new Oddfellows open anyhow?

  1. I was at an event here tonight; wow does it look good on the inside. It’s a large open space with lots of vintage furniture pieces. (I swear I saw some of the peices before at Great Stuff down in Georgetown.) They really did a great job on the interior design.

    I’m looking forward to it opening for real this Friday.

  2. Any pictures? Send em my way and I’ll gladly add. I wasn’t invited — I wonder if they’ll still invite the condo blog guy to next year’s openings? :)

  3. We will have lots of morning treats like: Bacon Cheddar Scones with Green Onion, Peach Muffins with Streusel Topping, Homemade Oatmeal with Brown Sugar & Cream, a tasty Breakfast Panini, and Mascarpone & Pear stuffed Brioche French Toast. For lunch and dinner we will have a variety of offerings including: Pulled Pork Sandwich, French Dip Sandwich, Chicken Panzanella Salad with Arugula, Bacon, Avocado, Tomato & Blue Cheese, Roasted Beets & Pear Salad with Chevre, Hazelnuts & Greens, and Baby Spinach with Faro, Roasted Winter Squash, Garbanzo Beans with Tahini Dressing. After 5pm there’s also a Braised Pork Shank with French Lentils & Creamed Cabbage, Steak with Blue Cheese, Braised Onion & Arugula, Beef Stew, and Rotisserie Chicken.

    Food will be served from 7am till midnight. We are baking scones, muffins and cookies daily and serving Stumptown coffee & espresso. There is also a full bar plus beer and wine. The cocktail list includes the Elder Fashion no.2 with gin, St. Germaine, Campari and orange bitters, as well as my recent favorite, the classic Champagne Cocktail with brandy, champagne, sugar and bitters.