Horizon Books Closing

Back in November, jseattle mentioned that Horizon Books was struggling and thinking of moving (and he linked to an Examiner story).  Well, now it sounds official:  Olivia Hernandez reports in the SU Spectator that “After more than 30 years as a neighborhood fixture on 15th Avenue, Horizon Books is set to close its doors by the end of March.”

Horizon Books

photo by Casey Hamilton

I’ve never actually been inside of Horizon Books (still catching up on oh the books I bought at Powell’s last time I went to Portland–shh!), but now (of course!) I really want to, and I wish they could stick around.

I’ve also never heard of Recollection Books (I do read lots, I swear!), but Hernandez goes on to say that “Horizon Books will eventually merge with Recollection Books, a store located on 10th Avenue, much closer to the increased retail life-force of Broadway in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood.”

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9 thoughts on “Horizon Books Closing

  1. Sad to see it couldn’t hang on any longer. Curious about what’s next. The lot houses both Horizon and Casita.
    Parcel# 3303700175

  2. I chatted with the owner of Casita tonight (after we, on a whim, bought a present for my mother in law). She mentioned that the owners of the lot are…a bit strange (she actually hasn’t met them even once) and that once Horizon is closed for good, it will likely be months before the owners figure out what they are going to do. Likely story is that the house Horizon is in will sit vacant for a long time, perhaps be remodeled a bit, then leased out again. She doesn’t expect the owners to be able to sell the property for a while. Apparently the block is zoned for one story (or at least less than two full floors) and property developers won’t be able to put in mixed use condo/retail buildings in that spot.

  3. I bought quite a few christmas gifts here this last year. It’s a messy, old, creaky place with illogical organization. Perfect, I say.
    Besides the classic used book store atmosphere (pre half-price books), I also appreciate the store covering every hardback in a see-through book jacket to protect the cover.
    It will be missed on 15th.

  4. Even though I’ve lived on Capitol Hill for almost two years, I only went in for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It is the perfect used-book store, down to the wonderful used-book smell that hits your nostrils the moment you walk in the door, and I’m sad to see it go.

  5. Moved to 1423 10th Avenue (between E. Union and E. Pike in Capitol Hill), a block away from Molly Moon’s, Elliott Bay Bookstore and Comet Tavern

  6. Horizon Books is in Capitol Hill, down a ramp on 10th Ave, between E. Union and E. Pike, a block from Elliott Bay Books and Molly Moon’s. Closes at 5 and on Sundays. Look for the signs and say hello to Don Glover.