Chow Foods splitting, business as usual for Coastal

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Chow Foods, the company behind 15th Ave’s Coastal Kitchen, is splitting up and dividing its restaurants.

How Chow’s locations will be divided has not been announced and a review of business license information didn’t reveal any answers — each Chow restaurant appears to be its own separate company — but CHS has been told that Coastal Kitchen will continue to operate and to expect no major changes. Coastal Kitchen is a CHS sponsor.

A discussion about the future of a Wallingford cafe turned up this speculation about Chow:

According to a long-time Beeliner and Jitterbug staffer, the Chow Foods owners split up. They split their restaurant empire in “half” (half in quotes because one of them ended up with most of the locations leaving the rest of the staff to gossip endlessly about why).

The news will impact brunches across Seattle. Chow restaurants include The 5 Spot in Queen Anne, Atlas Foods in U Village, Mioposto in Mount Baker, Endolyne Joe’s in West Seattle, The High Life in Ballard, and Coastal.

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4 thoughts on “Chow Foods splitting, business as usual for Coastal

  1. I am not sure it matters much who owns it – but – here is a fan of the Sunday brunch – and every visiting relative/friend who loves going there

    the upper seating is made for kids, help is experienced and charming, and food good, almost excellent

    keep on trucking Costal – we need you NOT to change

  2. No changes to Coastal Kitchen! While there may be ongoing gossip as to the equality of the seperation, I chose both Coastal Kitchen and Mioposto because I love ’em!

    To ask questions directly, my email is:

    And yes Josh, the gingerbread waffles did originally come from Jitterbug and we offloaded it in ’06…and it came back…offloaded again only to return once again. Gotta love this whacky business.

  3. @ Jeremy Hardy: as one of the many who have learned from two of the best in the industry, I was disappointed to hear this latest bit of news. I can only imagine the intricacies of a partnership and imagine that the new arrangement is to all parties liking. I wish you and Peter all the best.