Equalityoga tries to bring a new flow to Pride

Pride means different things at different times. Parties, parades, politics. On Saturday morning, Pride on Capitol Hill will take a different pace for a few deeply breathed moments. The Stonewall 40 Group’s Equalityoga event is an attempt to create another way to bring people together for Pride. Hard to argue with any idea that involves a big group of people, good health, sunshine and Cal Anderson Park.

In the shadow of Stonewall’s 40 anniversary, yogis, yoginis and studios across Seattle will unite in advocacy for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality by participating in the largest outdoor class Seattle has ever seen. Equalityoga on June 27, will use the flow of and energy of community to create positive social change. The event, the first of its kind, will take place at Cal Anderson Park Playfield and will be led by instructors Troy Lucero, Maygen McGrew and Matt Meko. Musical accompaniment will be provided by Steve Gold and Gina Salá. It will be a unique experience for the LGBT movement as the heterosexual community is coming out in full force to support the rights of LGBT minority. Proceeds raised will directly benefit organizations that are advancing the equality movement: Lamdba Legal, Equal Rights Washington and Gay City Health Project

Equalityoga is produced by StonewallForty, a group dedicated to ensuring that LGBT people receive the same rights guaranteed to everyone else.


Saturday, June 27
Gates open: 9 a.m.
Flow begins: 10 a.m.
$15 suggested donation

Organizer Genessa Krasnow told CHS while they’re not sure exactly how many people to expect on Saturday morning, her group is hoping to bring together hundreds of Pride celebrants. “We want to grow the community,” Krasnow said. “There’s something that happens when you get on a yoga mat and are breathing together.”

Krasnow said she also thinks people are ready for new elements for Seattle’s Pride. “It’s not an event in a bar. It creates wellness. It creates energy.”

Krasnow thinks Equalityoga can be part of a more political Pride. “The politicism is coming back,” she said. “Communities are uniting together. This advocacy for gay rights is really happening at the local level,” Krasnow said.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy for advocate groups to survive. Rough economic times mean plans need to be simple and budgets, tight. The Stonewall 40 group had to scrap plans for a Saturday afternoon event in Volunteer Park because it would have cost too much and generated too little for the nonprofits Stonewall 40 supports. “We want to create something sustainable. It can’t be sustainable if there aren’t funds. I do miss pride in Volunteer Park. It was amazing. But cities change.”

For the yoga gathering, Krasnow thinks Cal Anderson is a great stage for Pride events. “The thing about Cal Anderson is you are right out in the open. People can stumble onto what you’re doing and join in.”

If you’re looking to stumble onto something to join in with, Saturday in Cal Anderson is a good bet for the sports minded and bodied. In addition to Equalityoga, The Bend-It Collective will host the Big Gay Field Day sports event in the park, and this group trying to organize a game of something called Calvinball.

For more Pride events on the Hill including Saturday afternoon’s street festival and annual Dyke March, check out the CHS Calendar. For a complete list of everything Pride, check out the Stranger’s guide.

Saturday June 27 2009
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4 thoughts on “Equalityoga tries to bring a new flow to Pride

  1. this is so offensive i’m puking. anything to make a dollar or steal a spotlight on the commemoration of the birth of a civil rights movement. we couldn’t be bothered to stand up to gay bashing, we couldn’t be bothered to stand up to DOMA or DADT, but we’ll yoga about it. Queer capitalism just means a couple more rich queers.

  2. March with the Marriage Equality Contingent at Pride 2009!

    Sponsored by the Queer Ally Coalition, Washington Marriage Alliance, and Join the Impact

    From Stonewall to Seattle — marriage is a civil right!

    Sunday, June 28
    Meet with contingent #162 – Marriage Equality in Washington – look for the big gold ring!
    Columbia between 4th & 5th, downtown Seattle

    Bring signs, chants, and be creative — show what lgbt liberation and equality mean to you!

  3. But, it is not free. My money is saved for the Purr party …

    And yoga is kind of personal.

    But, Happy Pride!!!

  4. I’m really annoyed that this yoga thing advertised it with chalk all over several sidewalks. If that trend catches on, our sidewalks would look horrible.