11% of the vote is in, plus drop-off locations and ballot tracking

Somewhere around 11% of you lucky primary ballot holders were so locked-down positively sure of your election selections that you already made your mark and dropped your ballot in the mail. The rest of you are like me. Waffling. Waiting. Wishing you could vote via Twitter. No?

According to King County Elections, here are the ballot return rates in Capitol Hill’s two county districts through Wednesday night at 8 PM.

  • District 2: 10.30% (12,737 returned of 123,648 issued)
  • District 4: 11.28% (15,974 returned of 141,561 issued)

The two county districts that cover Capitol Hill: 2 and 4

The current county total is 11.25% so, Cap Hill-ites east of 16th Ave, time to make up your minds (though the good people of Montlake, Central District, Rainier Valley and plenty more also need to help. BTW, seems like it might be worth digging into 16th Ave E as the divide between 2s and 4s someday.)

Your mail-in ballot needs to be postmarked by Tuesday the 18th or you can drop it off at either of these drop box locations closest to Capitol Hill:

  • Seattle, King County Administration Building, 500 Fourth Ave.
  • Central, 2301 S Jackson

The drop boxes can be accessed 24×7 up until 8 PM on Election Day.

Once you’ve sent in your ballot, check King County’s ballot tracker to make sure it has been properly received.

Looking for ideas or want to sway the Cap Hill undecideds? Leave a comment on our CHS Open Endorsement Thread.

(hat tip to West Seattle Blog for guilting us into doing this post)

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