Cheese shop makes Hill home official (finally!) Plus, what else will call Melrose home

After a few false starts…

And a profile on Sheri Lavigne, the woman behind the effort, CHS held off on writing anything about the planned Capitol Hill cheese shop Calf and Kid until the ink was on the paper. Well, it’s official.

Lavigne says the paperwork has been signed:

Just signed the lease !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going to vomit now

Here’s what she says about her soon-to-be new home in Lizz Dunn’s in-progress Melrose development:

Anyone who’s been reading (and if you haven’t, then slog through the last few posts), knows the awesome location of the shop, and I don’t need to repeat my love of my new neighbors-to-be, Sitka and Spruce, Terra Plata, Sonic Boom, not to mention a local butcher, florist, and more.

I am beyond plussed at this moment, knowing I will share this coveted marketplace with so many amazing Seattle small business owners. For now I am off for one last weekend away before commencing the nose-to-the-grindstone that will be opening.

In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for Calf & Kid opening festivities!

Here’s what we wrote about the Melrose Project last spring. Given the roster Lavigne rattled off, sounds like an update is in order.

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5 thoughts on “Cheese shop makes Hill home official (finally!) Plus, what else will call Melrose home

  1. With all of these fabulous new food stores opening in our ‘hood over the last year or so (many thanks), we are still lacking a quality bakery! This is criminal! How can this continue? We have fabulous cup cakes, brews, ice cream, and now cheese — but not the most basic and cherished of food — a good loaf of bread. A savory ciabatta, a cozy baguette! Bakers among us, please help!

    Best of luck to Calf and Kid, and welcome!

  2. There is a bakery on 15th Avenue East North Hill Bakery and one on First Hill Sugar Bakery on Madison – not sure what bread items they have since I am gluten free but I know they are open for business!

  3. first, the 12th ave community is actively seeking a bakery in the district…more on this later.

    second, my guess is that liz dunn is about to transform the melrose triangle the way she has 12th and pike…in very good ways, especially by drawing all of these great local businesses to the neighborhood.

  4. First off, thanks for the continued support and encouragement of CHS and the Capitol Hill community, you guys are the best!

    Secondly, it’s certainly not a bakery, but The Calf & Kid will be carrying freshly baked baguettes and many other perfect accompaniments for your shopping delight :)

  5. I can’t wait–I hope Calf n Kid puts the cheese selection at QFC to shame in both variety and price! and howabout some the excellent, price-friendly cheeses like River Valley Ranch, Estrella Creamery, and Mt Townshend Creamery?