Admit it: You’ve been inside a Fauxbux

Yesterday, Seattle-based worldwide coffee gargantuan Starbucks turned in quarterly financial results that awed Wall Street. The global retailer reported growth in ‘same store’ sales for the first time in two years. And the New York Times used a picture of Capitol Hill’s own 15th Ave Coffee & Tea to illustrate the bullish celebration of the retailer’s seeming reversal of fortune:


So, after all of this, were your visits to 15th Ave Coffee or the Roy Street variant part of the Starbucks turnaround? When we’ve been in the 15th Ave shop, it has been packed. What? Yeah, that 16-oz Kona pour-over? We were doing journalism. Had to be done.

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16 thoughts on “Admit it: You’ve been inside a Fauxbux

  1. I assiduously avoid the new and the old bux, as long as I’m on the Hill or anywhere within walking distance of a decent locally-owned store. They don’t need my $, and plenty of local folks do.

  2. SBUX IS a local company. And I’m in the 15th Ave Crypto-bucks every day. Fast wifi, good coffee and a lovely staff is hard to beat.

  3. On 15th I go to Victrola or Remedy Teas. At Broadway and Roy I go to Joe Bar or Vivace (one block south). So, no admission here either.

  4. aside from the press preview, I returned to 15th Avenue one weekend to avoid whatever band was setting up at Victrola. Of course, an hour later, *another* band started to set up at 15th.

  5. I will second this. The service is great and the single origin espresso is good. The staff is nice which is something the Victrola staff could learn from. This place is now my preferred option on 15th.

  6. Starbucks is based in Seattle. Victrola is owned by a guy on Whidbey Island. Stumptown is based in Portland.

    I am not sure how you define local.

  7. you act as if starbucks doesn’t employ a ton of local people, offering them decent wages, health insurance, paid vacations, 401(k)’s, etc… I’m guess those employees would take exception to your comment that “they don’t need my $, and plenty of local folks do.” aren’t the employees the local folks who need your money?

    in my opinion, it doesn’t get any better than the soy latte at the new Roy St location

  8. I live on the hill and I have been in both Victrola locations exactly one time each. The coffee sucked. I may not have the highest standards for coffee but at least Starbucks is consistent and I always enjoy what I order. And for the most part, the counter staff are pleasant, and I do appreciate that.

    I’m also confused by people who say Starbucks isn’t local. They are a big chain, given, but they *are* a locally based company – and their counter staff have to make a living too.

  9. to many on this blog, they might be surprised to learn they don’t need a passport to cross west of I-5 or the university bridge.

  10. Go ahead, give in… Walk in 15th Ave. or Roy Street coffee and tea and try not to like it. I applaud Starbucks for being innovative within the big box industry. I assure you many companies are going to follow there lead.

  11. not because I have an issue with it. I just haven’t been in the area when my caffeine cravings hit. One of these days I’ll pull myself together and go, and looking forward to enjoying a delicious cup of coffee when I do.

  12. Yeah, I wouldn’t do much to defend Victrola. I’ve had far more rude service there than civil. The coffee doesn’t appeal to me much, either.

    And yeah, Stumptown isn’t truly local. It’s a growing chain (that happens to have coffee I LOVE), started in a city I used to live in. And I guess once their annual revenue gets up in the billions I’ll decide that they don’t need my cash, either.

    What can I say… I like underdogs.

  13. I’m excited to see everybody worked up about which coffee house they like. No better way to make your voice heard than voting with your hard earned $$$. Since that faux-bux opened in my hood victrola has seemed busier and cleaner which puts a smile on my face.

    I would be at Vivace every day b/c I love their shop but I live just a block off 15th and the faux and V are more convenient.