Venom + Amber + Cowgirls Inc. = Chao Bistro?

Where’s the ‘newest hippest spot to be seen’ in Seattle’s club scene? According to Facebook group Party Propaganda, it’s Capitol Hill’s Chao Bistro:

Chao Thursdays
Capitol Hill has been known for it’s eclectic blend of restaurants, clubs, bars, and lounges, which creates an area of nightlife extraordinaire all its own in Seattle. We are happy to announce the addition of CHAO Bistro and Bar to the neighborhood. Brought to you by some of the same owners of Cow Girls Inc., Amber, and Venom. The owners of this newest hippest spot to be seen in have graciously allowed us to bring a musical experience like no other, to an already vibrant atmosphere.

The Grand Opening will be kicked off Thursday January 21st at 9pm with Seattle’s Finest DJ’s with the likes of Sean Majors, Marty Mar, Josh Quest, Johnny Fever, Kippy, and Hawk. CHAO has the best Late Happy Hour food and drink specials in the city running from 11pm-1am. This will be an ongoing weekly social activity brought to you by Tommy Jones Entertainment, Premier Media Promotions, Elextrik Playground Crew, Turk Promotions, & National VIP.


Location: CHAO Bistro and Bar
Street: 1200 E Pike St
How much: Free
Music: Electro and House
Crowd: late 20’s and 30’s

Think CHS might have been off the ball on this one. We just learned more about Chao in that promo ‘graph than we’ve reported in the four months since the place opened for business.

When we first met some of the owners, Chao was still called Chow — and they were squirrely and evasive about who they were and where they had come from. But the promotion above and this liquor license application notice clears up the players — a much more interesting bunch than we originally gave Chao, er, Chow credit for. We’ve listed the names either found on the liquor application or listed on Chao’s and the related businesses’ Washington state corporation filings:

  • Tony Kang, YAMASHIRO’S, LLC aka Chao Bistro
  • Julie Kang, Chao’s liquor license only
  • Brian Ellis, YAMASHIRO’S, LLC aka Chao Bistro
  • Shawna Ellis, Chao’s liquor license only
  • David Tran, Chao’s liquor license only but see below for connections to the other businesses
  • Wade PetersonChao’s liquor license, 2214 1ST AVE, LLC aka Amber, 421 1ST AVENUE SOUTH, LLC aka Cowgirls Inc.

Not listed above, but another important person in this circle is Cornelius Radan. He’s partners with Peterson in Amber and Cowgirls, Inc. He’s also listed as one of the ‘governing persons’ for 2218 WESTERN LLC, also known as Venom. While apparently not legally part of the Venom corporation — the Khanh Tran listed for the LLC is a Seattle lawyer but we don’t know if Khanh also goes by ‘David’ — David Tran has been linked to the club, along with Amber and, now, Chao.

It’s an interesting mix from the city’s other party-people neighborhoods of Pioneer Square and Belltown going on at Chao. With this ‘Grand Opening’ event, we’ll see how that mix plays out on Capitol Hill. Think they might want to drop the bistro part, though.

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10 thoughts on “Venom + Amber + Cowgirls Inc. = Chao Bistro?

  1. ugh, gross. just when we got rid of sugar and club lagoon. here’s hoping they go away just as quickly, if not quicker.

  2. Based on what I know about these other bars (admittedly little) it’s going to be important to make sure that these folks are clued in about diversity and safety issues specific to this hood. I think the Chamber should set up a talk with the owners…

  3. What’s the life expectancy for a bar on Capitol Hill? Six months? Do we really need yet another trashy bar on Capitol Hill? Seriously? It’s like tanning salons and hair salons… How many do we need? Oh, yeah. Yupppies don’t care about what’s needed in the community, just what’s entertaining.

  4. They must be getting big late night business because when I walk by in daytime, early evening, it looks pretty dead…

    Not a fan of this place…boring food, confused theme, TV’S SHOWING SPORTS…it’s not a venue for actual Capitol Hill residents but Eastsiders looking for “fun”.

  5. I understand everybody’s reservations about Chao especially when you find out that the club is affiliated with some pretty douchey(spelling?) bars around Seattle. Right now the place isn’t anything like those places.

    I’ve been to Chao a couple of times during the past few months and the bar tender has been friendly and the food is decent and unique to the hill. There are few, if any, places in Seattle where you can get good Islander inspired asian food.

    I hope it doesn’t turn into anything like Venom, Amber, or Cowgirls ’cause its already good the way it is.

  6. Islander as in Pacific Islands, or as in Caribbean or West Indian?

    It makes me sad that there’s no Jamaican places around Seattle. Pam’s in the U District comes close, but it’s Trini and not exactly Jamaican.