Census Bureau back on Hill for The Count is OUT event at Cal Anderson

Monday marks another ‘get out the vote’ type effort to encourage participation in the 2010 census. Earlier this month, the government footed the bill for a promotional campaign in Pike/Pine complete with food and drink specials. CHS has heard some commentary here and there about the lack of a ‘gay’ box on the census form. An organizer for some of the activities in Seattle explained it thusly: The driver behind this particular Census Bureau campaign (the Bureau is mounting similar efforts with other potentially under-represented community groups) is the desire to make sure same sex households are accurately represented in the tally. Here’s one take on why it’s important to be represented. So, if the equation fits, don’t forget to check the ‘Husband or wife’ or ‘Unmarried partner’ box. If you are single and gay, however, no special box to check for you. Maybe we’ll have that figured out by 2020.


You are invited to come and take part in The Count is OUT a special 2010 Census Road Tour event for the LGBT community.   Join us MondayMarch 29th from 4-7pm in Capitol Hill’s Cal Anderson Park as we celebrate our community and Take PRIDE In The Census !

Lots of fun will be had, along with free sports gear and giveaway goodies, as you learn about how the 2010 Census will be counting the LGBT community. 

Athletes representing local LGBT sports teams will be in attendance, including soccer, rugby, softball, basketball, cycling, running, swimming, wrestling, square dance and more, s o celebrate the Northwest’s LGBT sports by coming with your team dressed in the gear of the game you love! 

For more information, please visit our Facebook group page:  Northwest Region LGBT Community for the 2010 Census

Packed with frequently asked questions , helpful links , and the official toolkit , you can even track the current 2010 Census Mail Participation Rates as the incoming forms get processed.  The videos from the LGBT Roundtable Forum and amazing community leader testimonials are now uploaded and live, so stop by and see what all the community is buzzing about.  Same-sex partners and, for the first time, same-sex married couples will be counted. Transgender respondents are counted in the gender with which they identify.

The facts gathered in the census help shape decisions for the rest of the decade about public health, neighborhood improvements, transportation, education, senior services and much more, so come join the fun and festivities to learn why your participation in the Census is vital to help create a better future for you and those important to you.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Hilary Bingman 
Partnership Specialist 
U.S. Census Bureau, Seattle Regional Census Center 

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