(high foot traffic) Retail spaces available for rent on the Hill — What’s still empty?

We have collected a list of spaces on Capitol Hill that were once filled with businesses — some loved, some less so — but are now for rent.  We have omitted listings — such as Chez Gaudy — where we know that a new tenant has already taken over the space and any space that has never been filled. For some of these locations, we’ve heard a rumor or two about plans to fill the space — but, despite the gossip, the listings for the addresses remain active. If you can think of additional retail spaces that are currently available, let us know in the comments.  The full list of locations appears below the map along with several highlights from the real estate listings. Note: When first posted, due to editor’s error (blame jseattle!), listed prices were described as per month — should be annual. Thanks to commenter hobbes84k for pointing out the mistake (which CHS has made before!)

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Former occupant / address

  1. Bailey Coy / 414 Broadway Seattle, WA 98102
  2. Bhima’s / 433 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
  3. Blooms on Broadway / 401 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
  4. BMW / 714 E Pike Seattle, WA 98122
  5. Cafe Septieme / 214 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
  6. El Tajin / 614 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
  7. Hair Connection / 321 Broadway Seattle, WA 98104
  8. Harem / 618 Broadway East, Seattle WA 98102
  9. Hollywood Video / 129 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102
  10. Horizon Books / 425 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
  11. Money Tree/ King Cobra 916 E Pike St Seattle, WA 98122
  12. Quizno’s / 1801 E Olive Way Seattle, WA 98102
  13. Retrofit / 1419 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122
  14. Seattle Yoga Arts / 109 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
  15. Tilden / 401 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
  16. Vi Bacchus / 1401 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122
  17. Video Connection / 345 15th Ave E Seattle, WA 98112
  18. Zhivago’s / 416 Broadway E Seattle, WA 98102

Some highlights from above so you know what you’re shopping for.

  • The former Vi Bacchus is listed at $30/sqft per year:

    Reduced lease rate! Turn-key 2,164 SF restaurant space on the corner of Broadway & E Union St. Strong pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Includes (3) class I hoods, walk-in cooler, tables, chairs, full kitchen, 277 on-site customer parking stalls. Great mix of tenants including QFC, Bartell Drugs, Tacos Guaymas, Subway, Cingular Wireless and UPS Store. Available now!

  • You can have 3,000 square feet of the former Retrofit Home (destined for a short move around the corner to E. Pike) for a mere $25/sqft and “Join the Capitol Hill Buzz!”
  • AWESOME COMMERCIAL SPACE ON CAP. HILL!Retrofit Home is Moving Around the Corner!!!We are moving around the corner and our Space will become available some time May-ish. Restauraurant/Cafe/Retail Storefront Super Hot, Super Hip Location. Restaurant / retail / café space in extremely desirable location on 12th Avenue in the heart of Pike-Pine. 30’ x 100’ clearspan storefront space in vintage wood and concrete building. 3,000 square feet @ $25/sf plus NNN. No national chains.

  • Bailey Coy’s old space remains empty and available for $34/sqft. If you can put 3,000 square feet of Broadway to use, give the agent a call.
  • Need space to move? We hear it may have been snapped up, but there’s 28,000 square feet of open Pike/Pine space still listed inside the former home of BMW. It’ll set you back $16 sqft per year.
  • A rare property on Capitol Hill because of its size, location and off-street parking for approximately 85 vehicles. Access is available from four streets — the main entrance on E. Pike Street, also E. Pine Street, Boylston Ave. E. and Harvard Ave. E. Long term lease or purchase option possible. Inspections and tours by appointment only.

  • Prefer something smaller? The former home of Seattle Yoga Arts (now proudly ensconced in the Pearl) is available for $24/sqft for its 1,400 square feet of 15th Ave E. Here’s the listing:
  • 1427 Sq Ft retail located across from Group Health Central on 15th Ave E on Capitol Hill. Current tenant, Seattle Yoga Arts is relocating to a larger space on 15th after 16 successful years at this location. Great opportunity for Pilates or other exercise studio, Office, Retail. Former location for Group Health Credit Union and Group Health Dental just north of E Denny Way and South of E. John St.

  • The abandoned home of Hollywood Video is a biggie — 5,700 square feet. And it’s not cheap — $39/sqft. But it’s on Broadway and they’ll finish the light rail station across the street. Someday. More from the listing:
  • Charming brick building w/high visibility on Broadway, former Hollywood Video. 5,749 SF divisible to 2,800 SF, features exposed brick walls, HVAC and incredible signage! Located directly across the street from the future Sound Transit Capitol Hill Station. High visibility, strong pedestrian and vehicle traffic. On-site parking available at market rates. Capitol Hill is known for its wide array of restaurants and boutique retail shops. Strong neighborhood demographics, easy access to public transportation and home to SCCC and Seattle University. Neighborhood businesses include Dick’s, Rite-Aid, American Apparel, USPS and one block from Lincoln Park Reservoir and Cal Anderson Park. Ideal for restaurant, fitness center, salon/spa, clothing store or boutique retail

  • Have an irrational dislike of Quiznos like jseattle? Then you’d enjoy opening your own indie sandwich shop in the former home of the chain just off Broadway. They list the property at $4,364/month for 1,540 square feet.
  • Speaking of bread, remember the old La Panzanella building? Still empty despite the hardware store, etc. rumors we’ve heard for a few years.
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23 thoughts on “(high foot traffic) Retail spaces available for rent on the Hill — What’s still empty?

  1. And the spin is of dynamic thriving C. Hill.

    Talk about high rents, food and booze spaces, about all that can afford the rent.

    There is no longer premium price for being on the Hill – note drink

    and food prices have plummeted. – esp. “happy hour”.


  2. the giant space at the bottom of Trace Lofts on the corner of 12th and Madison. It has been vacant forever.

  3. This is fascinating. I always wanted to know how much retail stores were paying for this area.

    But, you do have a mistake. Anytime you say “per month”, it’s actually “per year”. Click on the links, and the price is listed correctly. That makes just a tiny bit of difference of $70,000 per month vs $70,000 per year.

  4. 800sf available in the Loveless building 715 Broadway Ave E. (no food please) listed at $30.00sf/yr + NNN. Please call agent for details Peter Argeres 206.268.3310

  5. I saw the owner of Zhivago’s standing outside the place and asked him what’s up. He said there was a flood caused by city contractors, and he’s planning to re-open after a settlement for damages is reached with the city.

    Justin, could you do some digging and try to find the court documents?

  6. Isn’t most of that block about to be demolished to make a new apartment/condo complex? Anyone know how much time is actually left? Bank of America has already found a temporary location before the move back after the construction is done.

  7. A lot of these have been open for a long time. I know there are a couple spaces in the Alley bldg too, rents still much too high for people to make a go of it, a lot of these spots need to dip under 20/sf to start filling. Too much inventory. When you cant get takers on a 100k buildout for only a lease payment that’s speaking volumes for the health of the commercial market on the hill. Hope it rebounds soon, but it may be a while.

  8. What is going on at the old Jimmy Woo’s Jade Bogota at Broadway and Mercer?

    There is a fence that went up today and a contractor’s sign out front. Any gossip on news?

  9. The only thing that is coming down is the Bank of America building. They are building an apartment complex on that lot and the huge parking lot behind it.

  10. I’m doing research on retail space in all of Seattle. I’m not seeing anything for space shares.(More than one business operating in the same place) Example: Shoes in one area clothing in another area. I don’t live in Seattle, I know things are different for region to region in the United States.

  11. I’m looking for space in the Broadway row of shops. I want to rent 200sq ft “walk in closet” from an existing business owner, to fix and repair wrist watches. I can help set a clothing store apart from the others in the same business.

  12. It’s great you list spaces, wanting businesses to rent on Broadway. Are there upstair spaces for rent also? With the upstair spaces, if they exist, is there easy access to stairs to get to upstair spaces? Maybe this can be listed also.