Victim from Monday armed street robbery: ‘I walked away, which is all that matters’

Here are more details about Monday night’s armed street robbery direct from a very important source — the woman who went through the ordeal. Genevieve added her voice to the CHS comments to tell us more about what happened that night. Beyond helping us all to better understand the sequence of events, there are quite a few valuable lessons in her account. Thanks for speaking up on CHS, Genevieve. We’re glad you were able to walk away, too.

I was the victim of the robbery on Summit and Union. I was totally sober and walking home from work. The only stupid thing I did was being on my phone and not paying attention.

The robber ran up behind me from Union and pointed the gun in my face. I heard him come up on me and turned to face him, and played dumb for a few seconds until my friend on the phone knew what was going on. After the robbery, he ran south, towards Union. There was probably a car waiting for him.

He never touched me, only threatened and wanted “everything”. I gave him the contents of my front pocket (ie, bankcard and all my cash) and when he asked what was in my backpack I said, “Books, and my purse [which had no money].” But I gave him my purse anyway, with all the easily-cancelable cards. My huge backpack was left with me.

I walked away, which is all that matters.

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2 thoughts on “Victim from Monday armed street robbery: ‘I walked away, which is all that matters’

  1. So glad to hear you’re okay. I live between 15th and 23rd on John and there are more and more reports on muggings in this area (or maybe I’m just more aware since I just moved). It’s things like this blog that are helping me stay aware and alert and having you enter the conversation and reporting back is so helpful!

  2. It’s very brave and very helpful of you to let us know about what happened to you. Thank you for speaking out.