The Great Cap Hill SweetTooth Crawl makes for sugary Saturday

Reviews on Yelp aren’t always the sweetest but Saturday’s tour of Capitol Hill dessert spots should be full of sugary goodness. Please, kids, brush your teeth. Details from Yelp:



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The Great Cap Hill SweetTooth Crawl!

I’m setting this up more or less to see if anyone would be interested in doing something like this? I thought it would be fun to hit up a handful of the hill’s bakeries/sweet goods stores (since there seem to be no shortage of em’ around town). Time and date is negotiable and based on people’s availability. I’m thinking we should try to hit up a place with savory/sweet baked goods for a lunch-type bite and then maybe a couple of other sweets-based places to round out a mid-day dessert?

**UPDATE!!** Route plan mapped out with a rough timetable :)


I decided to poke at some of the vendors on Twitter and the ever-so-sweet Jessie Oleson is going to be leaving GOODIE BAGS & GIVING US 10% DISCOUNTS ON PURCHASES!!! Let’s show her some love!!!

** keep an eye out for possible more-awesomeness!!! **

12PM – B&O Espresso for lunch / sweets

1-1:30 PM – Cakespy Art Shop for goodies / fun (.4 mile walk from B&O)

2-2:30 PM – Cupcake Royale pitstop (.5 mile walk from Cakespy)

2:30-3 PM – Bluebird Ice Cream & Art Gallery for ice cream / random fun stuff (1 block from CCR)

3:30-4 – Porchlight Coffee for post sugar-rush wind down & music!

**YOU DON’T HAVE TO EAT SOMETHING AT EVERY STOP!** I certainly don’t want to make anyone sick with sugar overdose, so please don’t feel like you have to gorge yourself :) (although it would be funnier if you did!) Splitting and sharing is encouraged and we’ll balance out the bakeries/restaurants with places that also carry retail goodies.

All stops are optional and the timetable is loose so I’ll send participants my cellphone via PMs & people can ping me to see where we’re at. I’ll try to whip up some goodies for everyone too, so maybe bring a tote bag/roomy purse or something? We’ll likely pick up some shwag at a few places so be fashionable with a reusable bag!

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2 thoughts on “The Great Cap Hill SweetTooth Crawl makes for sugary Saturday

  1. Don’t for get Old School Frozen Custard; same block as Porchlight, and conveniently about halfway between Porchlight and Bluebird!