Fix for 13th & Denny’s “Open Sewer” coming for New Year

For what seems like months now–since October?–half the street at 13th Avenue East and Denny Way has been under construction, but lately no construction has been evident. After the recent blustery winter weather, a barrier is down and a couple of traffic cones are on their sides, and the area has been acquiring an ambiance fit for an urban apocalypse film. 

A call in to SDOT got Peg Nielsen on the case. The construction is not road repair, but SDOT was able to reference the permit for the street closure, and determine that what’s going on is a particularly troublesome sewer repair project. Apparently no fewer than four sewer-inspecting cameras had to be pressed into use before the problem could be seen in detail, and much of the hold-up has come from waiting on the series of cameras. 

Now that the sewer repair personnel have “eyes” on the faulty area, they anticipate the fix–and subsequent reopening of 13th–to take place early in the New Year. Back to you in the station, jseattle. 

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2 thoughts on “Fix for 13th & Denny’s “Open Sewer” coming for New Year

  1. Thanks for looking into this. I live right across the street from this disaster area. I haven’t seen anyone working on this for weeks. I figured it had something to do with the townhomes being built on the block. Nice to know that it will be fixed soon. Good neighborhood reporting in action!