Woman robbed at gunpoint after First Hill flat tire ruse

CHS has learned details of a dastardly robbery on First Hill in broad daylight Tuesday morning. According to SPD, a woman was robbed by two men at gunpoint after they waved her down presumably to tell her there was something wrong with her tire as she drove on Summit Ave.

A SPD spokesperson said the woman was driving on Summit around 9:30 AM Tuesday when she came to a stop sign at University Street. As she came to a stop, two men on foot at the intersection began waving for her attention and gesturing at her front tire. As the woman stepped to the front of her car to see what was the matter, one of the men pulled out a pistol, aimed it at the woman and yelled, “You fucking bitch, give me your money and your jewelry.”

The woman handed over the cash she was carrying but told the man she couldn’t get her rings off her fingers. The man then demanded her pack of cigarettes as the other suspect stood by “looking tough” on watch. The two men then fled westbound on University with the cash and the smokes. The woman could only provide general descriptions to police: two black males, one around 5’10” the other 5’5″.

An area search for the men did not turn up the suspects.

Meanwhile, in other area crimes involving wheels, SeattleCrime has details of the Sunday afternoon street robbery that a man says left him without his bicycle and a backpack carrying $100 in cash.

According to police, the victim was walking south, pushing his bicycle down the street near Harvard Ave and Olive Way around 4:00pm on December 19th, when two men walked up to him and started punching him in the face.

According to police radio transmissions from the Sunday incident, the man couldn’t say what kind of bike he lost because he had bought it “on the street” and the brand was covered with black paint.

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15 thoughts on “Woman robbed at gunpoint after First Hill flat tire ruse

  1. That really sucks about the lady on Summit. It also sucks that the bike guy got his backpack stolen, but I don’t have too much sympathy for someone whose stolen bike was, ummm stolen. Two lessons: 1)Only wear jewelery that doesn’t come off or at least convincingly fake it like it doesn’t come off. 2) Don’t buy bikes on the street where the brand is covered in paint.

  2. So, Steve S., now all young black men seen in CHS have to be considered dangerous? Should I also assume that any middle aged white men I see in CHS are serial killers and/or child molesters?

  3. Steve, there’s a reason you don’t do well on tests. You get the lessons all mixed up.

    Nevertheless, I’m going to avoid all white guys named Steve S. in Capitol Hill. Actually I’m gonna try to avoid all white guys named Steve throughout the city just to be safe. Sorry if any other Steve’s are offended but you know you gotta be careful out here! If one Steve is racist then they all must be.

  4. is it legal to buy pepper spray in seattle? I live one block from this corner and this story scares me! I know the spray is no match for a gun, but if I got threatened by somebody w/o a gun, it would be good to have at least some kind of defense.

    this story is so freaky. I don’t walk alone in my neighborhood at night, do I now need an escort to go somewhere during the day?

  5. OK then who’s committing MOST (not all) the violent assaults in Cap Hill? The LGBT folks? SCCC students? Or is it the thug types from a few blocks east? I’m just calling for a little bit of street smarts. OK let me add, avoid amped-up white frat boys too if you’re gay. And rail-thin white guys with crazed eyes; they might be tweekers.

  6. Yes, you can buy and use pepper spray in Seattle. I don’t know where he got it, but my dad got me a little cannister with a clip for your keyring a few years ago. I’ve never used it, and I need a new one I believe because it expires after a while, but that might be something to look into. Pepper spray really only works if you have it unlocked, in hand, and have practiced using it before. I second what the other commenter says about just giving up your stuff, though, to be safe. For me, pepper spray is more of a ‘this person doesn’t want money or stuff, this person is attacking or trying to take me to a different location’ kind of defense.

    I live at the intersection where this happened. I just moved in a week ago. I moved to first hill knowing that this sort of incident is to be expected, but I know it has given me pause having this and the home invasion from last week happen so very close. I’m 26, female, and unusually comfortable with what has been termed ‘anti social behavior’ due to my work in shelters. I’m working on finding the balance between being confident/aware of my surroundings and not placing myself in danger because of it. Good luck, and stay safe.

  7. Horrible. I drive this area daily. I also keep a .38 holstered on my left ankle and can get to it pretty quickly. These fools pull these antics with me and I guarantee they will be using a colostomy bag for the rest of their lives while sitting uncomfortably in their wheelchair thinking about the better days when they could rob us for their crack fix. When is SPD going to get tough and clean this mess up? Up to each and everyone of us to protect ourselves, the city has shown nothing but ineptness at cleaning this garbage off the streets.

  8. I hate to say it but if I see a group of gansta looking brothers while walking on the Hill, I am going to be on guard. You’d be foolish not given all the muggings going on

  9. maybe if the cops would worry a little less about parking and tail light infractions and actually do the job the tax payers are paying them to do we wouldn’t have to read about innocent bystanders having to resort to using pepper spray to protect themselves. it is all about priorities, until all the scum are taken off the streets, maybe more man power should be used for actual crimes against humanity and a little less on those big bad parking offenders

  10. Yes, it’s legal. You can find it at the Army-Navy surplus store among all the other weird stuff they have there. I’ve been carrying the keychain version for 12+ years now, and it saved me from a potential incident once. Don’t leave home without it. I feel like I’ve seen it in some other stores too… maybe Fred Meyer or drugstores?