Examiner considers appeal against Cascadia Center development on Madison

Tuesday morning, the city’s Hearing Examiner will take up the appeal from owners of a neighboring apartment building against the approval of development plans to create the Bullitt Foundation’s Cascadia Center at the intersection of Madison and 15th Ave. In early February, CHS broke the news that the ambitious green development would face an appeal of the Department of Planning and Development’s decision to permit the planned 75-foot-high, solar-powered building.

An op-ed published on Crosscut this week called the Cascadia Center “a beacon of what’s possible when people come together to use the leading edge of today’s technology.”

Lawyers for Madison Court, the apartment building to the east of the planned development, argue that the Cascadia Center should not have been granted a special 10-foot exemption to the area’s zoned height limits so that it can achieve its sustainability goals and also object to the project’s potential impact on parking in the area. It’s unclear how much information will be available after Tuesday’s hearing. Decisions from the Hearing Examiner can be posted anywhere from a week to several weeks 15 days after the hearing depending on the complexity of the appeal.

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8 thoughts on “Examiner considers appeal against Cascadia Center development on Madison

  1. within a block of that building there is

    1) yoga – only good for seeing cute girls in yoga pants
    2) vegan cafe – i was neutral until i saw the wall of supplements, lol
    3) overpriced seemingly vegetarian themed evenings-only “fancy” restaurant
    4) 2 pizza places (piecoras and zaw) – so really only 1 pizza place ha-ha
    5) weird vietnamese sandwich place that i’m scared to go into and is open for like 2 hours a day (this place has to be a front for growing pot, i mean they barely have a front door or windows)
    6) madison market — the standout exception, but they always make you feel uncomfortable by asking “are you a member?”

    so whatever you do, can we get a place that doesn’t cater to yuppies around here? something that serves cooked food that had parents maybe? even madison market only has fish on a good day at their deli. something unhealthy that is likely to attract people who smoke cigarettes. we need more of that round this corner.

    i get the feeling your terrible looking “sustainable” building is going to attract more yuppies. that’s my only objection.

  2. wow, OFD, if you don’t like people who have jobs and want to eat healthy, you might consider moving, so you aren’t so upset all of the time.

    Madison Makt is a co-op, it has members and we get a discount or special prices on items, that’s why they ask, it’s not to pressure you or make you feel badly. Second they regularly have curried chicken salad and turkey meatloaf in the deli counter, I’ve bought BBQ ribs and chicken there too.

    About 2 blocks west of this are more bars than anything else .. not sure why you are complaining but I agree the Vietnamese sandwich place is dodgy though I doubt they are growing pot

  3. The Vietnamese place is great. It’s delicious, not dodgy! Friendly folks, great prices, and really tasty food.

  4. This building is going to be abomination.
    Bound to be completely dysfunctional and atrociously ugly,
    This the perfect example of what’s fundumentally wrong with Green Building;
    A complete lack aesthetic and functional consideration in exchange for a few worthless Environmental brownie points.

  5. This building design and what it stands for is fundamentally future thinking, ambitious, and inspiring. All who hate it are either NIMBY’s or close-minded jerks, IMHO.

  6. hehe oliveoyl where does “have jobs” come from? i pay out the ass to live (and park) on this hill in style and love every penny of it. not everyone who trolls local blogs is some basement dwelling, antisocial underachiever from the boomerang generation.

    i eat healthy but i’m never setting foot in a place that has a wall of snake oil — oops, i mean supplements. i’ve eaten at plenty of great vegetarian and vegan places all over the world and healeo is the exact opposite of those. so unbelievably yuppie. and i’m sorry but a life without dairy is simply not worth living.

    madison market was the exception i did say, but i guess i’m just unlucky. there are rarely any dead animals at that deli counter when i wander in for dinner. i also am a firm believer that they don’t need to make me say “no” every single time i buy something. if i were a member, i could tell them; or they could join the rest of us in the 21st century and use some sort of card/electronic ID program. obviously poor decisions like this (and the lack of cooked dead animals) do not make me want to become a member. i do recall getting some chicken salad with grapes once — it was delicious.

    you’re right this hill is awesome 2 blocks in any direction. i am chiefly expressing my discontent with pretty much all of the food/retail within 2 blocks of 15th and madison.

    literally the only places i go with consistency are piecora’s, porchlight, and madison market. and that’s sad.

    but actually that vietnamese sandwich place has okay reviews. i’ll try it but no promises; i still can’t believe their front door — two feet off the sidewalk with no steps. how is that even legal?