Broadway station construction tours to mark start of tunneling on Capitol Hill

While it is unlikely to yield great moments in photojournalism like the one pictured here from the UW event (yes, that’s CHS disrespecting City Council prez Richard Conlin), Capitol Hill is also going to get an event marking the start of tunneling on our end of the U-Link line. In May, we covered the politician-heavy ceremonial launch of the tunnel boring machines at UW. Sound Transit is marking the tunnel action on Capitol Hill in a different fashion with “behind the red wall” tours of the Broadway station project. More on the U-Link tunneling here and next week when we have more information to share about the Capitol Hill end of things.

Speaking of the Broadway station, City Hall’s planner on the Urban Design Framework for the station area dropped CHS a line asking for community feedback to be sent in by Tuesday, June 7th. Consider it your weekend homework. And remember, feedback can be simple “I approve!” Easy assignment.


Look behind the red wall

June 11, 2011

11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Cal Anderson Park
10th Avenue between John Street and Denny Way
Capitol Hill neighborhood
Seattle, WA

Capitol Hill community event and Link light rail construction site tours

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One thought on “Broadway station construction tours to mark start of tunneling on Capitol Hill

  1. My comment is two-fold. First does the entrance/exit have to be so ugly? It is so baisic, three walls and a flat roof. This is capitol Hill, we deserve better. I could envision a more deco one, such as they use in Paris. How about something to replicate the water space at Cal Anderson Park. I would also like to comment on the safty area around the west side of the tunnell. I live at the Pantages apts which will be behind the entrance/exhit west side. What will stop people from going behind the building to relife themselves or use it as drug haven. (that is already happening). Will I be an unwanted viewer to this scene?