Report of ‘3 orange orbs’ in formation above Capitol Hill, Madison Valley

It was probably too late for Santa but a report of “three orange orbs or fireballs” flying above the Capitol Hill and Madison Valley area of Seattle early on December 26th is circulating in online extraterrestrial enthusiast communities after being posted to a UFO tracking site:

Last night, as I was walking the dog, I noticed a single orange light coming towards me from the southwest and traveling overhead to the northeastern part of the sky. At first I thought it was some kind of low flying plane or helicopter, but it was fuzzy in appearance and flaring outward in all directions. It moved slowly. Soon afterwards it flew directly over me, and behind the cloud deck off to the northeast.

Next about 20 seconds later, I saw two more orange lights traveling in formation, heading on the same course as the first object. The two objects appeared from the same direction, same course, same speed, and same altitude, flying in a single file pattern. As I tried to get a closer look at them, I noticed that each was a fuzzy, glowing, light orange ball or orb. They did not appear to have any solid noticeable center, and their outlines were faint and semitransparent (almost halo-like). These objects made no sound at all, had no beacons or flashing lights on them, and just seemed to float along. Their speed would be equivalent to a small plane or helicopter. They were not moving very fast. But these lights were definitely not aircraft. I have no idea how large they may have been or how far away they actually were. What is interesting is that when the objects were directly overhead, I noticed a slight wobble and floating movement (unconventional propulsion), in which one of objects moved slightly away from the other one, slowing down for a moment and then speeding up again to meet back in formation with the other object. After a few seconds they continued to travel at the same speed towards the northeast. My thoughts were that these two strange orange orbs were following, or catching up with the first orange orb.

Were you involved with any luminaria ceremonies that night? Flying lanterns seem to be behind most of the sightings reported in the area over the years. The truth is out there.

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25 thoughts on “Report of ‘3 orange orbs’ in formation above Capitol Hill, Madison Valley

  1. Around the same time as Art, over north capitol hill. I saw them in two batches, the first had about a dozen, then the next batch had about 5 or 6. It was weird.

  2. My sister, brother-in-law, and I all saw the same thing on December 23rd, but up in Bellingham. There were 4-5 clusters of around 6 lights that looked and moved exactly as has been described (although I didn’t notice the variation in velocity). I sent a note to the Bellingham Herald, along with a couple of crappy photos I snapped, but haven’t heard back from them. They must think I’m a real nutter. I came across a website that described the military’s use of flares in testing radar equipment and that seemed a plausible solution, but it was probably just boring old aliens.

    Here’s a link to the picture, and while it was pretty spooky to see in person, this really doesn’t show much:

  3. I’ve been seeing these orbs often since August. Would love to know what they are. They look like air born lanterns. Almost always three of them moving at a decent pace. Surprised to hear you see them in Bellingham. Perhaps they make it that far?!

  4. I didn’t see any orange orbs flying around but I suspect that they were the vehicles for the little green men about three feet tall with almond shaped eyes walking around handing out mickey mouse stamps.

  5. Ive been tracking these “orange light” sighting for about a year now with a geeky obsession. They’re likely the next gen of space launched low earth orbit drones developed jointly with darpa. Just search “orange lights” on google news and video to see similar objects. Ill be posting my research (whitepapers and powerpoints obtained) to prove it soon at Stay tuned. Some ( about 20%) are lanterns, but the formations, and “catch up” activity noted is a common denominator. Thanks for posting.

  6. Hey it is just a matter of time. Seriously UFO’s extraterrestrials do exist. The question is what are they. Seen one in Batesville Arkansas while on work travel, me and my son. And we never believed but we do now. At least in something. When your talking 40 feet and as silent as the night was just hovering very still and looking straight at you. Yea we are believers now. Nothing I know of that we (earth) have can hoover and be dead silent. Harmless to say the least for us however. But anyways call us crazy but I am glad we enjoyed this experience.

    Glad to see they came to our old stomping grounds.

  7. Let me lay everybody’s concerns to rest with some good news: these aliens are friendly! After giving me a quick body scan and having me jerk off into a cup, they fed me a meal of green cakes made from the reconstituted tissue of their dead and sent me on my way.

  8. Hi Troy,
    I was out of town Christmas and the week before but my roommate just told me a couple of hours ago that he was at Greenlake on Christmas Eve and people were launching miniature hot balloons (about 4 to 6 feet tall each) that were floating about 1000 feet high in the air.

  9. Saw same orbs on new years eve. First, two flying about a 1/4 mile apart, then one alone a few minutes later. These were traveling from the SE towards the NW in the Lake Stevens area. Exactly as described previously. No sound. No discernible center mass. Probably explainable, but if these sightings are happening all over the place over weeks and months I have a hard time believing its candle lanterns.

  10. These are Chinese Luminaries. Had some last night, on New Year’s Eve. They can look kinda spooky, because they make no sound, and can be very bright.

    Enjoy them. ; 0 )

  11. About four years ago I saw something similar. I was looking westbound on north Capitol hill towards lake union and Ballard. A large round ball was floating in the sky above Ballard/fremont. It was the size of a penny if you held a penny arms length away. It was hanging colors from gold to orange and some white and blue. Then three star-like objects came out of it and started to circle around it. That was crazy. Then they went back into the orb and in under 4 seconds the orb shrunk down to nothing and it was gone. I had a friend with me that will tell the same story. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever need.

  12. I just saw 3 very fast moving objects flying from North to south they were about out of sight when the sound came kind-a like low grade thunder which lasted longer than the ability to see the three objects all fling on the same line and all flying very fast in equal distances from each other. Has any one else seen anything like this?

  13. Saw a similar light (flame-color, maybe 1500 feet up) SE of CapHill about a week ago. Slowly drifted NW then veered N, then vanished (like a flame going out).