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  • When Robin Wright announced she was closing 11th Ave’s Cafe Pettirosso to end 2011, the sad news was softened by peeps that the breakfast, lunch and etc. spot might be taken over by somebody from the Pettirosso family to keep the space connected to its past spirit. But word of a $100,000 overhaul being planned for the restaurant space in the 11th at E Pike building owned by artist Susan Singleton didn’t seem to bode well for a small cafe. Worry no more. Miki Sodos confirms that she and sister Yuki will be taking over the space with a reborn Cafe Pettirosso:

We are putting in a full bar and a larger kitchen. We will be having breakfast 7 days a week, and a larger selection of sweet and savory baked goods. Pies and scones and tarts…all sorts of goodies!! We will be still having a takeout counter, so people will still be able to get a fast breakfast and coffee to go.

We want to keep Pettirosso alive and are very excited to have this opportunity. Robin, the owner all these years is wanting to retire as owner, and we just didn’t want to see another beloved spot close down. Robin will be involved in the new spot, so expect to see her there as well!!

We are not partnering with any other restaurants, we currently own the Bang Bang Cafe in Belltown. My sister Yuki used to manage Pettirosso for years, and I bartended at the Cha Cha and Satellite. Both of us love Capitol Hill and hopefully we will be opening in early summer!!

CHS stopped by Pettirosso on its final day in its original form and Wright showed us the space in the back of the cafe the new Drome Design Studios-architected buildout will take advantage of. Look forward to a new, larger Pettirosso later this year.



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One thought on “Capitol Hill food+drink | Cafe Pettirosso reborn, St. John’s and The Pine Box updates

  1. I helped Robin open her space in 1996 and went on through several changes and renovations as her designer, carpenter and painter, usually working for coffee and food. I even ended up living down the street. It’s been a big part of my life in Seattle. Yuki is great, I look forward to this side of the block coming back to life when Pettirosso is re-born.