Capitol Hill #seasnow | Hill thaws out, cleans up, moves on

The view as of 11a — Live Capitol Hill Traffic Cams

With a peculiar “dry ice” fog wafting above the thawing streets of the neighborhood, Capitol Hill has crawled above freezing and is dripping its way toward getting back to normal. You’ll find the main arteries of 23rd and Madison well cleared. Broadway has seen most of its icy snow pushed aside though street crossing is a slushy mess.

The city has even found time to send the plow trucks along some of the more significant north/south corridors like 12th, 15th and 19th as well as clearing E Olive Way and John up the Hill and both Pike and Pine. Areas like I-5 shores above Melrose and residential areas like the area around Stevens Elementary have been left to Mother Nature so far. She’s slow. Be patient. And watch your step.

You can help us by letting everybody know about side street conditions in your area. Tell us what you’re seeing via FacebookTwitter, or email — or call/txt (206) 399-5959.

Many modes (Image: CHS)


  • Metro: Remains on snow routes. Metro Adverse Weather Page. Expect delays and wear warm clothes and good shoes in case you end up walking.
  • SDOT is continuing to clear the highest priority arteries in our area — 23rd, Madison and Broadway — and found time to clear lower priority routes like E Olive Way/John, 12th Ave, 15th Ave E and 19th Ave E last night. Check out the latest de-icing and clearing work on the city’s winter weather map. Red/blue routes have been recently worked on. 

    The previous 12 hours of work as of 6a

Live view of Broadway/Roy — All Cams

Live view of Broadway/Pike — All Cams

Live view of Boren/Madison — All Cams

  • Side streets: Expect to find icy and rough roads on secondary streets in the neighborhood. Side streets are mostly untouched and very difficult for driving.
  • Public schools are again closed on Friday and most others have followed suit including Seattle U.
  • Sidewalks: Things remain slushy and sometimes slippery — watch out for metal grates and covers.
  • Driving: The arteries and main routes like Broadway are cleared if a little slushy. Capitol Hill’s side streets won’t improve for hours and most aren’t likely to receive any attention from SDOT. Seattle Police have been running assessment checks on problem areas throughout the city. We’ll try to add updates here as they come in. One recent report: Aloha at 23rd — westbound has been traveled and is passable but eastbound is still too dangerous to drive. 
  • Power: No significant issues — though a series of automatic fire alarms around 6:30a coincided with a prolonged flicker for some on the Hill. Hopefully the tree branches continue to comply.
  • Cliff Mass: Says we’re done with this one. But watch out for next week: “the forecast models for the next week indicate some intense weather in store for us. Heavy rains, strong windstorms, and the arrival of frigid arctic air”
  • Last night: Pretty darned quiet. SPD was dispatched to a handful of noise disturbance complaints related to sledding and there were, again, a few sledding-related medical callouts but mostly the Hill just chilled.
  • Sea-Tac: Back to normal, says Seattle Times
  • Garbage and recycling: No word on catch-up plan yet.. Still no residential service but some commercial pick-ups will happen today. Friday pick-up customers will be served Saturday with all commercial customers not yet handled caught up with on Sunday. For the rest of us, “missed customers will be allowed to set out double their normal amount of garbage, recycling and yard waste at no additional charge” on their next regular pick-up day.
  • We broadcast information frequently via Twitter so check out the @jseattle stream for information.
  • The CHS Capitol Hill traffic cam page is here
  • PDF maps of priority snow routes for the city are here.
  • Thursday’s coverage | Wednesday’s coverage | Tuesday’s coverageMonday’s coverage | Sunday’s coverage


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A slushy scene from Thursday on Broadway. Expect more slushy adventure today. More Thursday pictures here (Image: CHS)

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12 thoughts on “Capitol Hill #seasnow | Hill thaws out, cleans up, moves on

  1. FYI – SeaTac is not 100% back to normal. From the Seattle Times Facebook page (posted +/-10 minutes ago):

    “If you’re flying out of Sea-Tac today be sure to check you flight status before you head out. All runways are open, however there are flight cancellations.”

  2. I don’t understand why streets like 19th East, 15th East & especially East John aren’t considered more priority streets. They’re main east-west thoroughfares. And East John is also a major cross-hill route. East Aloha as well.

  3. I’m glad that at least commercial/apartments will get pickup this weekend, as otherwise our streets would be a littered mess for 2 weeks, until the next recycling day.

    However, those whose residential recycling was not picked up on the regular day (or the following day) this past week have to wait until the next regularly-scheduled day, which is almost two weeks from now. Our recycling carts are full! Can’t you do better on this, SPU?