Police search for suspect in Capitol Hill Safeway bank robbery

As downtown was embroiled in May Day protests, Seattle Police were searching the area around 15th Ave for a bank robber who reportedly ripped off the Wells Fargo inside the Safeway at 15th and John.

In the incident reported just before 6p, a man entered the bank and demanded an undisclosed amount of money. He is described as a black male in his 50s, wearing a dark blue vest, orange polo and grey cap at the time of the robbery. No weapon was used in the hold-up. The man was seen leaving northbound from the Safeway carrying a bag of money.

UPDATE: SPD has posted a picture of the suspect. As you can see, his clothing description varies a bit from what he was actually wearing. CHS has also learned that the man ditched his clothing in a nearby alley after the robbery. Here’s more information from SPD:

Do you recognize this bank robbery suspect?

He walked into a bank inside a grocery store–at 14th Avenue and E. John Street on Capitol Hill–just before 6pm Tuesday evening and demanded money.

Witnesses described the suspect as as a black male in his 50s, 5’9, with a mustache, wearing a blue beanie, white  vest, orange polo shirt, and khaki pants.

 If you recognize the suspect, please call 911 and immediately and refer to this incident.  Anonymous tips are welcome.

UPDATE: A CHS reader also made an interesting discovery on 16th Ave north of Thomas this morning. It appears to be a tracking device hidden between two taped-together $20 bills. It apparently did not fool the robber and was ditched within blocks of the bank. The reader turned the find over to police.

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10 thoughts on “Police search for suspect in Capitol Hill Safeway bank robbery

  1. …in the Moneybags!
    If the Anarchists really want to do some damage, they need to take this man’s example, instead of the futility of busting a few windows ( BTW, Glazier’s Local says Thanks for the work!)

  2. yeah, great idea. Why don’t you do it too, Duh? The penalty for malicious mischief like breaking a window would be- what?– pay a fine, maybe a month or 2 in jail, a year tops? Robbing a bank? A federal offense, isn’t it? You’re a total idiot, Duh.

  3. You really have to wonder about shit for brains some people have when they respond (apparently seriously!) to a post advocating Occupiers rob banks. Or, am I the one that WC Fields was referring to?

  4. Comprehension FAIL.
    The original poster said “Anarchists”, not Occupiers. Or did you think they’re one-and-the-same?

    It wasn’t WC Fields, it was (incorrectly) attributed to PT Barnum. But it was referring to suckers, not illiterates.