Capitol Hill food+drink | Rachel’s Ginger Beer to leave Hill as Montana expands its borders

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Even dive-y joints like CHS appreciate your tips.

  • It’s been near a year since Montana debuted over yonder on E Olive Way.

It’s time for the watering hole to get a little more elbow room.

Montana’s Rachel Marshall tells CHS that a planned expansion will accompany the move of her Rachel’s Ginger Beer operation off Hill:

RGB outgrew the space almost as soon as we moved in.  It’s a win-win.  Montana is too busy for such a small bar, so it will expand for added seating.  RGB needs warehouse space with loading dock for deliveries, increased storage, a large walkin refrigerator, parking etc.  RGB can’t grow until we have more space.

She also sometimes refers to Montana as the postal abbreviation MT via email which is pretty damn adorable.

Montana moved onto E Olive Way late in 2011, replacing the Buck and making a space next door for the ginger beer operation. That space is now planned for the expanded Montana. Marshall said she’s still in the middle of the city’s permit process, however, but construction should begin soon.

It’s a good time for a double. Montana will soon be joined on its block by a new bar from the Hooverville boys. The Hillside Bar is slated for a December opening replacing the dearly departed Elite.

Montana_Capitol Hill Seattle, originally uploaded by jseattle.
  • Wednesday is the last day of business for the Tully’s at Broadway and Pike. New investors have purchased the building, planning an overhaul and bringing in a secret new tenant.
  • La Spiga is mourning the loss of bartender Stefvin Caswell. He was 29.
  • Matt Dillon’s next thing? Pioneer Square. Marigold & Mint is also part of the recipe.
  • Master of the deep fryer Josh Nebe plotting return at the Unicorn.
  • What’s it take to make street food work on Capitol Hill? Family connection hasn’t hurt Off the Rez.
  • Seattle Eater finally found Scratch Deli’s 12th Ave set-up. We told you about it here in July.
  • “Felix Hernandez was in there two nights before he threw his perfect game…
  • “On Sunday, September 30, Burke and Nyffeler are combining their talents and creativity and throwing a dinner at Volunteer Park Cafe celebrating the release of Skirt Steak…” reservations are still available, we’re told.

    From the Flickr pool: “Kedai Makan, the Malaysian food stand at the Capitol Hill farmers market”

  • The overhaul period for Coastal Kitchen has begun. CHS first told you about the plans for a new shell bar and expanded bar in the 20-year-old 15th Ave E staple earlier this summer. Here’s the official announcement of the changes and some important dates to remember. Coastal reopens October 9th and is planning a grand reopening celebration for the 30th with a benefit for Lifelong AIDS Alliance. Also notable, executive chef Jason Jones is a new part of the CK family.

20th Anniversary Marks New Bicoastal Oyster Bar, Cocktail Bar & Fundraiser

SEATTLE—(Sept. 24, 2012) — For 20 years Coastal Kitchen has been a favorite destination on Capitol Hill with its seafood-centric menu, popular breakfast, iconic storefront and cheeky charm. The indulgent history that has tethered its vibrant appeal will be celebrated with the addition of a bicoastal Oyster Bar, an ample sized cocktail bar, new menu items and new executive chef Jason Jones. The construction of these changes will temporarily close Coastal Kitchen beginning today, Sept. 24. Coastal Kitchenwill reopen just two weeks later on Oct. 9 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night, showing off its come hither enhancements while keeping its acclaimed style. The public is invited to a fundraiser for neighborhood nonprofit, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, on Oct. 30 that will commemorate the reopening.

The most prominent change will be the addition of the Oyster Bar. Owner Jeremy Hardyrelies on his Boston upbringing and fondness for East Coast-style oyster houses and West Coast oysters to serve as the inspiration for the Oyster Bar. Along with the bicoastal bivalves, the Oyster Bar brings new distinct menu items featuring fresh seafood sourced from local waters and around the country, prepared right behind the Oyster Bar. The fresh daily menu will include at least five fresh oysters with four from local waters being served on the half shell and a fifth rotating item, such as a razor clam, geoduck or even an East Coast oyster, provided freshness can be maintained. Other fresh seafood specialties may include chilled half Dungeness crabTaylor MusselsHood Canal Manila ClamsWillamette River Crawfish and fresh Stone Crab Claws from Florida. Fried selections include ConchFritters from Florida,Calamari from Rhode Island, and Poseidon’s Platterfry from Atlantis, which will feature a selection of fried seafood. Rounding out the Oyster Bar menu will be New England Clam ChowderManhattan Fish Chowder, limited seasonal selections such as sea urchin and more. A chalkboard menu will be added to the Oyster Bar with the original 100 year old white tiled floors remaining intact downstairs, all reminiscent of East Coast rawbars.

Hardy has brought in new executive chef Jason Jones. Jones was previously chef de cuisine at Urbane for two years andalso worked in the kitchens of Poppy, The Jones, Nell’s and The Herbfarm.

Existing tables will be turned into an ample sized mahogany bar for the over 21 crowd. Front windows will turn to garage style doors with limited sidewalk seating. Coastal Kitchen’s bar is intended to support the growing neighborhood nighttime scene, but with a focus on well-executed classic cocktails rather than the latest trends and new creations. The popular housemade limoncello will remain.

The remodel will freshen up the restaurant’s look and offer new menu items along with old favorites. The popular ever-migrating coastalmenus will change three times per year, beginning with Sicily on Nov. 14. The side patio and upstairs dining will remain with the integration of the private dining room as part of the main dining area, totaling 70 seats on new bamboo flooring. The ever-popular staff recorded “potty humor” in the restrooms will also remain as one of the charming and irreplaceable nuances of the restaurant. “We will remain as sophisticated as ever with equal parts language translation and 7th grade potty humor,” says Hardy.

Coastal Kitchen will reopen on Oct. 9 at 5pm for dinner only then open at 8am Wednesday, Oct. 10 for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night. The reopening will be celebrated on Oct. 30 by giving back to the community that helped sustain the restaurant for 20 years. Lifelong AIDS Alliance will be the charity recipient in a daylong fundraiser with thirty percent of sales during breakfast, lunch and dinner being donated. Reservations are strongly recommended by calling Coastal Kitchen at (206) 322-1145.

  • Also on 15th Ave E, The Wandering Goose. Monday. You can do it!
  • More grand opening fun on Capitol Hill and another benefit for Lifelong. Broadway’s Ooba Tooba celebrates its new space with a party Wednesday (September 26) from 5 to 9p. There will be a DJ, drink specials and 50% of sales from the day will go to benefit the Capitol Hill nonprofit.
  • Reader Ryan tells CHS: “I wanted to give you guys a heads up about Still Liquor Monday nights. They have an incredible jazz ensemble performing there every Monday from 9:00 to midnight. Not only is the music really freaking good, but the ambiance and acoustics of the venue really lend itself to a very enjoyable evening. Please do check it out, I would really like to see this evening thrive. BTW, I’m not affiliated with the bar in the least, other than it is my regular spot to get a drink after work before heading home.”
  • We’re thinking this might win a few votes for Saint John’s to host a debate night drinking party or two:


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