CHS Pics | Barefoot Ted takes a spin around Capitol Hill

Frequent CHS photography contributor Alex Garland spotted a Capitol Hill character Wednesday on a fantastic contraption.

“When I asked him what he was carrying (It looked like a small case with a wheel hanging out of the bottom. I thought it was a measuring device.) he said it was a ‘Solo Wheel’ and that he had it while in Istanbul,” Alex tells us.

The man is legendary runner Barefoot Ted, the creator behind Luna Sandals. More on him and those Capitol Hill born and bred sandals, here. You can follow Ted’s Twitter feed for more barefoot inspiration.

Ted tells Alex the $1,800 Solo Wheel is the fastest form of transportation in the city — better than bus, car, bike and, presumably, foot.

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2 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Barefoot Ted takes a spin around Capitol Hill

  1. …at the flagship Born to Run store in downtown Seattle in front of REI starting at 9am.

    I will weave an interesting tale making the connection between Solowheel, sandals and barefoot technologies.

    Will be introducing Solowheel training classes. Solowheel is also offering a special discount to those who mention me when they buy a wheel at Thanks for your support.

    My early Seattle riding experiments continue. So far it is the happiest riding vehicle I’ve ever experienced. More soon on my blog.