Capitol Hill gunfire leads to two arrests, recovery of small arsenal as getaway car gets stuck on tracks

[mappress mapid=”15″]An East Precinct police officer on patrol rushed to the scene of gunfire on the streets of Capitol Hill early Tuesday morning, leading to the arrest of two men and the recovery of a small arsenal of weaponry — including a gun ditched behind a garbage can on the Hill. Seattle Police arrested the two men who reportedly fled in a black Mercedes when the cop arrived at the scene after hearing the gunshots near 10th Ave and E Union just after 2:15 AM. The preliminary report on the arrests is below. We’ll follow up with more details about the suspects soon. UPDATE: Not a lot to add on first checks on the names of the two suspects arrested this morning. One is a Seattle resident, age 29, the other hails from Shoreline and is 30. Both were booked for criminal trespass following the altercation with railroad police. The 30-year-old also received a resisting arrest notch for his booking. The criminal history for both suspects is pretty limited — whatever happened early Tuesday morning on Capitol Hill, the two men arrested do not appear to have extensive criminal histories in the state.

Officers Seize Three Guns After Car Flees Shooting Scene, Gets Stuck On Railroad Tracks

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Police seized three handguns and arrested two men after a car connected with a shooting on Capitol Hill turned up stuck on some railroad tracks in SoDo.

Just after 2:15 am this morning, an East Precinct officer patrolling along Broadway heard a series of gunshots coming from 10th Avenue and E. Union Street.

When the officer pulled up at 10th and Union, he saw a man walking toward a black Mercedes stopped in the middle of the intersection.

As the officer was getting out of his patrol car, he saw the man stop on the street, raise a gun and fire two shots across 10th Avenue.

The officer took cover and began shouting commands to the armed suspect and another man near the Mercedes, but both men ignored the officer, jumped into their car and sped off.

Officers followed the suspects but eventually lost sight of the Mercedes near Harvard Avenue and E. Union Street.

Back at the scene, witnesses told officers the men in the Mercedes had been in a fight before the armed man opened fire. Officers didn’t find anyone injured by gunfire at the scene, but did recover seven shell casings.

About an hour later, Union Pacific Railroad Police called SPD after they found the same Mercedes stuck on the railroad tracks near Colorado Avenue S. and Denver Avenue S.

When Union Pacific police contacted the driver and passenger in the Mercedes, they began fighting with railroad police.

SPD officer arrived and arrested the two men, and found two handguns in the car, a bullet resistant vest, handcuffs, an extendable asp baton, and ammo for a handgun, which matched the type of gun fired back on Capitol Hill earlier in the evening. Officers also found another handgun hidden behind a garbage can at the scene.

Officers booked the two men into jail and had their car towed.

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12 thoughts on “Capitol Hill gunfire leads to two arrests, recovery of small arsenal as getaway car gets stuck on tracks

  1. I hate this “new” Capitol Hill sooo much. Wannabe’s and yuppies = represent’s everything that’s wrong with society. Capitol Hill has quickly become the douchiest place on the West Coast north of SF. Sigh, time to move.

    • ….dude, I hate the yuppification of my home too, but I can promise you that the Microserfs moving into their Microhabitats so they can take the special bus back and forth to the Mothership every day don’t have “a bullet resistant vest, handcuffs, an extendable asp baton, and ammo for a handgun” in their cars.

    • Rob, your comment makes no sense. “Yuppies” are hardly the same thing as violent, gun-toting criminals.

      This class warfare, yuppie-bashing has got to stop. Sure, some in this category are sleazeballs, but so are some lower income people. Most “yuppies” are law-abiding citizens who care about their neighborhood and want it to be even better.

    • Two men in a Mercedes with handguns and a bulletproof vest and you conclude they are yuppies? That’s brilliant.
      They are most likely drug dealers and/or pimps.

    • Curious as to why? My buddy is a Spd sgt and he doesn’t seem to take any offense when I call him a cop. Pretty sure his wife says “cops” too. He’s my buddy, “the cop”, although I call him seargent now (and he calls me citizen).

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