Police search for suspect after another Cal Anderson stabbing

Police were searching for a suspect believed to be responsible for a stabbing at Broadway and Pine on the sidewalk in front of Walgreens. UPDATE: Police say the victim was stabbed during an “altercation” in Cal Anderson and walked to Broadway.

We are still confirming details of the attack that was reported just before 9 PM.

A witness tells CHS the victim appeared to have been cut on the arm in the attack. UPDATE: Seattle Fire reports it transported a male teen from the scene with a stab wound. The male was in stable condition.

Police searched the Broadway area for a suspect believed to be involved with the crime.

The knife attack comes just days after a stabbing in Cal Anderson Park a few blocks away.

UPDATE: SPD has released its preliminary report on the incident:

Police remain on the lookout for the suspect in a stabbing that occurred in Cal Anderson Park tonight. At approximately 8:53 p.m. officers responded to Broadway Avenue and East Pine Street to contact a male victim who had been stabbed a short time earlier (the victim walked to that location to call 911). After interviewing the victim, officers determined the stabbing actually occurred in Cal Anderson Park. The victim had gotten into a verbal altercation with a male suspect that escalated with the suspect stabbing the victim in his left arm and back. The suspect then fled the scene on foot. The victim and suspect are not believed to be known to each other.

The victim, a male in his 20′s, was treated by fire department medics at the scene and subsequently transported to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment of his non-life-threatening injuries.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned black male in his 30′s wearing all dark clothing. Officers conducted an area search however, the suspect remains at large.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.

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25 thoughts on “Police search for suspect after another Cal Anderson stabbing

  1. I can believe it. I had somebody follow me INTO Walgreens one time and followed me from aisle to aisle berating me and threatening me. the response from 911 was they’d get somebody there if he DID something to me. Yeah, not cool. I managed to get the attention of two Walgreens employees who kept the guy at bay while I got the hell out of there.

    yeah, doesnt’ surprise me at all it happened to somebody. Sad.

    • Sounds random, according to the SPD report. Which makes it all the more disturbing. I think I will be avoiding the park after dark indefinitely. Maybe during the day as well. What a shame.

  2. This park has become an absolute hell-hole. Of course the obvious irony is that it’s right by the SPD precinct and yet is probably one of the more violent places in the city. Well done SPD!

    • The problem is the people who go to start problems and not enjoy the PARK… and what’s even more stupid is the number of “officers” who are putting tickets on cars and not concerning themselves with the real problems going on… typical…!

      • Steve, THANK YOU! I just returned from running errands and quite intentionally walked the perimeter and through Cal Anderson Park. The sole police officer I saw was on a bicycle and industriously writing tickets for the cars parked on 11th, I think it is. It’s the side of the Park that faces the condos and the Paper Company (and is perpendicular to the East Precinct). No officers on foot inside of the Park itself and not even any police cars cruising the perimeter.

      • Haha… leave it up to the boys in blue to meet their quotas and completely ignore what’s in the best interest for the common good!

      • Parking tickets are written by parking control officers, and they are a separate program within the SPD. They are not “sworn officers” who patrol (sometimes) and respond to 911 calls. The parking control people do not deal with criminal activity aside from parking violations, so your criticism is unwarranted.

      • Nope. I live directly across from Freeway Park and it’s nothing like Cal Anderson. Why? Because the convention center security is all over it, yo!

  3. What truly bothers me is that is not a late night crime. If the victim walked to the Walgreen’s and the police responded to the call at 8:53 pm, then the attack probably occurred around 8:30 pm or so. It is still light at that time.

    This has to stop. SPD can go all-out in order to attempt to round up the Anarchists who caused problems during the May Day protests but they can’t be bothered to clean up the park across the street and a block over from their very own precinct.

    This does not bode well for the Film Festival that will bring even more people to the Hill at all hours. Get out of your patrol cars and get your act together, SPD.

    • I agreewe need a constant PD foot patrol presence here, if for nothing else than to reassure the citizenry. If the 99% law abiding citizens avoid this park, it will become a true hell hole, and none of us wants that kink of blight on our community.

      • Yes… I know several people (as well as myself) who play soccer here and there’s no reason people should stop going

  4. @ Prost & Steve ~ Agreed. The more of us that spend time at CAP the sooner we can help solve this parks problems. BUT, last night was bad, and it started earlier in the evening around 7. I suggest those of us who want this to stop spend more time at CAP. If so inclined, call SPD. Just DO something, don’t just avoid the place and pretend this isn’t happening.

    The above goes triple for SPD. Can’t believe the way you guys are just completely avoiding this problem. I am trying not to blame anyone for this, but it’s getting harder as time goes by.

    • Yes to positive activity in the Park. On that note, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce is hosting our annual Clean Sweep community clean up on Saturday, June 1st at 10am, starting in Cal Anderson Park. We’ll serve coffee and breakfast – clean the streets (from 15th to Melrose on Pike Pine, Roy to Madison on Broadway plus Olive Way) gather back in the park, have some pizza and listen to some swingin tunes form the NW School Music Department. We’re working w/ PrideFest as a part of their “Gay Day of Service” as well, giving back to the community that has given so much to the LGBT community (and vice versa).

      Positive, community activity is the best tool we have in claiming the Park as an active, safe, fun place for all of us. Cal Anderson Park is the backyard for much of Capitol Hill. Let’s keep it safe, clean & active!

  5. 2:19pm ~ Dear Capitol Hill ~ It’s starting early today. Loud verbal fight @ CAP, possibly just a couple intoxicated people, but nasty-sounding enough to check out. From a distance, of course. BTW, I live at the E Denny Way side and we get plenty of this stuff down this way too. Just sayin’, it’s the whole dang park.

    Good to know I’ll be seeing some of you out there!

  6. There is a big riff between the PROS Office and SPD, they are supposed to be working together. Instead Pete Holmes is trying to prosecute a cop because some dumbass that assaulted a cop. Fix that relationship and we might have a chance at reclaiming the peace.

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