Cops chase down robbery suspect in Cal Anderson

An incident that began near 10th and Pike as a man apparently stole a tip jar from a nearby business ended in Cal Anderson Park with the suspect splayed on his belly, handcuffed and yelling surrounded by police cruisers and some officers who reportedly ran blocks to the scene from the East Precinct at 12th and Pine to assist in the arrest.

UPDATE: According to the SPD report on the incident, the suspect had been smoking marijuana in front of Caffe Vita when he was asked by staff to move along. Staff said the man became angry, walked into Vita and grabbed all of the cash from the tip jar and left, $36 the richer.

According to police radio dispatches, an SPD parking enforcement officer first reported that two or three people were attempting to detain a man at 10th and Pike who eventually was able to get away and walk north to the park. UPDATE: According to the report, the suspect also dropped the cash before leaving. Minutes later just before 7 PM, a man matching the suspect description was spotted in Cal Anderson. As police contacted the man and attempted to take him into custody he struggled with an officer who called for backup, prompting the large response including the officers who arrived on foot from the nearby police station.

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The suspect was taken into custody and booked into King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

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17 thoughts on “Cops chase down robbery suspect in Cal Anderson

  1. Oh my god, stop the presses! East Precinct cops actually caught someone! Do you think they’ll remember how to do the paperwork?

    • The media doesn’t report all the successfully resolved situations, arrests, or community work with regular folk or those in distress or mental illness the police do. The world here is a lot bigger than the bashers think. Talk to the people who are not seeking media attention, , aren’t interviewed about anything, aren’t hipster journalists with editors to please, and are stuck into the real street level of working with people and most have a number of positive stories about Seattle cops. It just never gets reported nor does it meet the long standing fashion of the alternative press.

  2. I agree… “Thank you” is probably the better way to go here. Everyone trashes on the police, but they have a hard job and frankly I’m glad they are there

    • Please!! People who break the law and receive tickets are not innocent. And, as evidenced by this crime report, they do catch real criminals. Bash the police if you want, but try to have some kind of rational arguments for doing so.

  3. Thank SPD for doing their jobs . . . WHAT? I have no doubt there were at least a dozen officers on the scene in order to arrest one person ACROSS THE STREET and a block down from the East Precinct. Give me a break.

    • So…expert…how may cops should it take? A robbery took place and the cops swarmed the area and found the suspect. As soon as two cops arrive should others stay away and let some asshole that just robbed someone potentially get away? Everyone in this neighborhood thinks they are so much smarter than everyone else. Guess what..youre not. I work with these cops every night (I tend bar at a major establishment on E Pike). They work hard and have to do a job that is increasingly difficult and frustrating for them. Quit being snobby juvenile assholes and grow up. Put down your PBR, loosen up your skinny jeans and thank someone now and again.

  4. THANKS SPD and to the bystanders who tried to help out. It is going to take us working together to get the neighborhood set to right.

    Our family called in a young man brandishing a machete through the park (about 11 am… just wandering & swinging the 20″ blade)… the SPD response was swift & strong.

    (turns out the young man voluntarily surrendered the machete after a long detention)

    • forgot to add… the machete incident was about 4 weeks ago.

      see something dangerous, a person who appears to be agitated and dangerous, fighting in the park, open dealing… call 911. the police will meet you offsite to interview you.

      be smart. be safe. CALL IT IN.

      • I’m glad they responded, it just seems the response is inconsistent. A few years back, I saw a car of men cruising my street, getting out and trying to break into cars. I called 911 and when I said I didn’t have the license number of the car with the men, they hung up on me. It was pretty disturbing to be treated like that.

  5. People don’t appreciate cops until you need them. I’m sure if you were getting robbed at gunpoint, you would want the cops to save you, right?

  6. I love the Cap Hill Blog.. it’s like reading the Sunday morning funnies when I was a kid.. you just can’t make up some of the stupid sh*t that takes place on Capitol Hill! Lol