Three accused in Cal Anderson hold-up plead not guilty

The three young men accused of using an air pistol in a string of robberies including crimes near Cal Anderson Park pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday.

Najib Aden, 21, Hassan Abdirizak, 19, and Abdulkadir Ahmed, 22, are being charged with two counts of first degree robbery and a third count of attempted robbery. CHS detailed the information collected by detectives and prosecutors in the case last month including what police say was an admission by one of the trio that he used his aunt’s car to drive around the park to find hold-up victims. Family and supporters of the three said they don’t believe that the men confessed to the crimes, KIRO TV reported.

Prosecutors say police are investigating the group’s links to other robberies in the area and across Seattle. The three remain held in King County Jail on $250,000 bail.


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8 thoughts on “Three accused in Cal Anderson hold-up plead not guilty

  1. It is with a triple dose of sadness, for the victims, the families of these young men and our “culture” that the example of their new country is often to bully and steal to acquire these “precious” gems of technology. Over the years I’ve wondered, when I see new immigrant communities, how many of the innocent newcomers will be turned to the harsh and angry that may feel they are living without, yet, are rich with support and their own culture.

      • Sorry if my comment was taken that way, it’s not about the immigrant community being dangerous, it’s our own that pollutes theirs, and they learn from us.

      • I don’t think that “American cultural pollution” is an excuse to have a prolonged and organized plan to drive around repeatedly over a few months and violently mug people.

      • Oh, please. Your comment is just another way of saying “the devil made me do it.” Individuals are responsible for their own criminal actions, whether they are an immigrant or not. Stop making excuses for thug behavior.

  2. Class A Felony for you, a Class A Felony for you and a Class A Felony for you!

    Seriously though, I am glad there is a provision in the law which says you receive the same charge even if you hold a fake gun while committing a robbery. I was worried they would get away cheap because it was only an air gun.

    We are lucky they didn’t murder or injure (or rape) someone before they got caught, although the charge would have been nearly as Severe.

    The only people I feel sorry for are the ones who are walking alone down dark streets in their own neighborhood and have a gun shoved in their face and told to hand over their wallets. No cultural divide excuse really covers that behavior.