The Gatsby Apartments of Capitol Hill

526e916d511eb164gastbyThere are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired.

With new apartment projects under construction across the Hill, CHS has noted the increasingly creative names used to market the projects. A new one we’ve gotten wind of seems to be more over the top than most. Come spring 2014, you’ll have the opportunity to live inside Capitol Hill’s new Gatsby Apartments:

The’s a feeling of belonging at Gatsby where homes are classically styled, yet contemporary with the kind of finishes selected for their good looks today, and their enduring comfort for tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 10.35.41 AMThere’s no telling whether the 1925 novel or the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio was the inspiration behind the naming of the 10th Ave E project but we’re curious to see how the themes of American idealism and excess play out in the new 64,000 square foot, 76-unit, three-level wood frame over concrete building with 87 parking stalls — and a formal fountain plaza deck. No rents are listed yet for the one and two-bedroom units in the project on the edge of the tony Harvard-Belmont historical district.

At least it’s more interesting than the also coming-soon Three20 Apartments at, you guessed it, 320 E Pine.

You can learn more at

12 thoughts on “The Gatsby Apartments of Capitol Hill

  1. I really wish they would list the rent on their website. Housing/Rent isn’t something most people can be upsold on. Forcing me to call your stupid office just to immediately hang up when the list price is a good 3-400 above what I can afford only serves to waste both of our time.

    Shit, even an approximation of range would be good.

  2. for what looks to be a well-designed building. Excited about cone and steiner – City People’s Mercantile got its start in the Betty Lee Manor at the south end of the block next to Country Doctor, the original Rainbow Grocery got its start in the block to the North at E.Prospect Street, and Vios was once occupied by Dick’s Market which had a live butcher in the 70′s – what goes around comes around.

    • WHOOPS! got the two posts confused – somehow thought the Gatsby was name of new building on 19th E and E Mercer. Still think its an unfortunate name for a building…….

  3. Nicely-designed and constructed building, with a lot of attractive brick. And for a change just right for the site…not too bulky or tall. But it’s a high-quality building in a relatively quiet area, so I’m guessing rents will be fairly high.

  4. Since when are railroad apartments considered “classically-styled” homes? Maybe it’s the classical design choice of placing the kitchen in the hallway.

  5. The floor plan shown is the smallest and most rare of them. The majority of their floor plans are actually quite large with nice layouts.

    Just gotta visit their site to see rather than judging by 1 pic in an article.

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