1 year ago this week on Capitol Hill

8543011623_40c5a8977aHere are the top CHS posts from this week in 2013:

  1. 24-hour ‘dive’ Lost Lake set to serve Pike/Pine
  2. Search for escaped prisoner spreads out around Harborview
  3. Quebecois-styled cafe Resto to replace Capitol Hill’s infamous Thomas Street Bistro
  4. R Place another Capitol Hill nightclub fighting red tape
  5. Bettie Page Clothing pins up former Broadway liquor store
  6. Downtown’s first play area opens to kids Friday
  7. With tunnel phase coming to end, ‘innovative’ construction set to begin inside Capitol Hill Station
  8. Montana celebrates expanded boundaries on E Olive Way
  9. How Broadway’s improvement district could clean up Pike/Pine (or not)
  10. Council member: ‘I intend to establish arts districts, the first being Capitol Hill’
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