Blotter | A slew of Pike/Pine assaults and muggings

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  • ‘Random’ E Pike assault: As police continue to search for the suspect in this possible hate beating reported early Sunday morning in the 700 block of E Pike, another street assault sent one to the hospital only 20 minutes earlier and four blocks away. According to the SPD report on the incident, officers arrived to find the victim regaining consciousness on the pavement in a small pool of blood. A witness described the attack to police as “random” —Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.01.41 AMThe victim, described in the report as “disoriented, intoxicated, possibly concussed, uncooperative and aggressive,” was given an SPD business card with information for following up on the case. Police say he “crumpled up the card, threw it on the pavement and spat blood upon it” before being transported to Harborview for treatment of a cut to the back of his head.
  • Phone mugging: A woman reported she was pushed to the ground and robbed of her cell phone by an assailant wearing a Seahawks jersey in an early Saturday attack near Harvard and Pike. According to the SPD report on the 1:40 AM robbery, the victim said she pushed to the ground from behind by the suspect who then pulled her phone from her pants pocket and fled south on Harvard. Witnesses chased the man but could not catch him. The suspect was described only as a black male in a football jersey. A search of the area was not immediately successful. The victim was not seriously injured in the incident.
  • Another phone mugging: Police were also called to the parking lot of the gas station at Pike and Broadway Friday night to a report that two young male suspects had snatched phones from two female victims. “They took the phones right out of their hands,” a friend of the victims tells CHS. “One girl chased and fought a guy for her phone back.”
  • Tool robbery: Police were called to the Seattle Central parking garage in the 1600 block of Harvard early Saturday to a reported robbery. According to the report on the 3:30 AM incident, the Spanish-speaking victim said he was walking back to his vehicle in the garage after a night out on the Hill when he was approached by two male suspects who demanded cell phone, wallet and keys. The suspects, described as two black males in their 20s wearing black and white sweatshirts with blue jeans with one carrying a red backpack, then opened the man’s trunk and took two drills and painting equipment before fleeing on E Olive St. A search for the suspects was not successful. CHS had details on the initial report on the robbery in a previous blotter update.
  • Truck theft: Have you seen this Chevy Tahoe? A CHS reader reports it was stolen from near 11th Ave E and E Boston St this week.
  • Facebook friend fight and robbery: A woman told police she was assaulted and robbed during a fight late last Wednesday night at an undisclosed E Pike nightclub:Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.37.15 AM
  • Coat thievery at 10th Ave restaurant: A worker at a restaurant in the 1500 block of 10th Ave called police late last Friday night to report a burglar after he found the man wearing his coat. According to the report on the 11 PM break-in, the victim told police he noticed his coat and backpack were suddenly missing from the restaurant’s kitchen area. When he ran out the kitchen’s back door, the victim found a man wearing his coat. The victim told police he demanded his coat back and the suspect complied. The victim said he then noticed his backpack on the ground and missing clothing and his keys. The victim said he saw the suspect and another man join a group on Broadway and decided it was best not to confront them. Police were called but could not locate the group. Police have surveillance video showing the alleged coat thief entering the restaurant.
  • QFC beer thief busted: Police arrested a “repeat shoplifter” who tried to start her Sunday with an attempt at stealing three bottles of Elysian beer at the Harvard Market QFC. The woman was booked for investigation of robbery on Sunday the 16th for allegedly striking staff as she attempted to exit the store in the 7 AM incident:Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.12.41 AM
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9 thoughts on “Blotter | A slew of Pike/Pine assaults and muggings

  1. I always watch my back when I’m waking around the hill, night or day. I never keep my phone out, and try not to show it on the bus either. Crime will always happen but I always see potential victims all over the place. If you see suspicious people, make eye contact. Chances are they won’t go after you. It might not stop them, but at least you will get a good description of what they look like! Be aware of your surroundings, friends and neighbors!

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  3. I am sorry for everyone that gets mugged or beaten up for no reason. But, when you walk around the Hill, day or night, looking down at your $500 phone it is inviting trouble. Keep your phone put away and be aware of your surroundings. Almost all of these were pertaining to phones being ripped off. Stay safe people.

    • Asking people to keep their phones in their pockets is like tilting at windmills….not going to happen, because so many people are truly addicted to their digital devices and cannot go more than a few minutes without using them. Sad, but true. Somehow, I get by fine without such things, but then I’m a luddite.

      • The must be one heck of a powerful typewriter to be posting on the internet! MAGICAL LUDDITE TYPEWRITERS!

  4. Saying using your phone is asking for being robbed is like saying wearing provocative clothes is asking for being raped.

    Use your phone but be aware of whats going on.

    If you see someone steal something from or assault someone, do what you can to help.

    • That logic is completely non-sense. A better comparison would be someone that is driving a $500k car around a neighborhood that is known for car jackings should probably stay clear of said neighborhood or risk being held up. However, in this specific case walking around with a $500 phone in a neighborhood known for phone robberies should probable keep their shit in their pocket not flash them around.

  5. Having your phone out in public is like holding a few crisp benjamin’s in your hand and while looking down. It’s just as someone to run up to you, punch your face, grab that money and run off. Keep that money in your pants, kids.