CHS Pics | Cap Hill is dead

No, really. May it live on only in Twitter. Yes, “PHIL” is gone, too. We hope Bauhaus can squeeze an entire “Capitol” in now that the coffee shop is in charge. There are also four more opportunities to get it right.

Meanwhile, there is more work to do.

UPDATE: More work? This guy is doing it! Tip of the hat to Seattlish.

UPDATEx2: And there’s progress at Bauhaus:BkQ5n-nCEAAM77z

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9 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Cap Hill is dead

  1. Would someone be kind enough to alter that Jäger sign so it reads “WHITE CAP HILL”? And maybe then leave a pile of fitted Yankees caps under it on the sidewalk? Thanks.

  2. To me, the people who say “Cap Hill” are representative of those who came to Seattle from somewhere else to work in high tech. They are new to the city. They don’t know any better. Somehow, maybe they think its cool even though its very very not. I think they even naively think its what the locals say – even though the extreme opposite is true. I can tell a lot and can get instantly judgmental by someone who says “Cap Hill.”

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