Tracking Capitol Hill’s cultural environment — 28 spaces, 2,982 seats and counting

Mapping the inventory shows Seattle's cultural hot spots

Mapping the inventory shows Seattle’s cultural hot spots

Here’s an environmental report that might not be as significant on a global scale as melting polar ice caps but, hey, what good is having a planet if it’s not filled with art and interesting people. As part of its effort to create spaces and foster the sustainability and growth of local arts organizations, the City of Seattle is creating an inventory a of its neighborhoods’ art spaces — including 28 on Capitol Hill.

How many cultural square feet are there in Seattle?

How many feet of art gallery space?

How many theater seats are there in Seattle?

Do artists typically own their spaces or rent them?

In 2013 our office set out to find the answers to these questions and more. From the largest to the smallest, we are counting every theater, gallery, arts office, rehearsal room, library, music club, museum, and cinema in town. The results of this ongoing inventory are available through the city’s open data portal.

(Source: Office of Arts & Culture)

(Source: Office of Arts & Culture)

(Source: Office of Arts & Culture)

(Source: Office of Arts & Culture)

The 28 spaces documented on Capitol Hill are below. They average around 7,000 square feet of space and have a surprising mean of 18 years in the location — the Seattle Asian Art Museum qualifies as the elder statesman of the group as the original SAM occupied the Volunteer Park building starting in 1933. Their home buildings tend to be old — 1933 is also the mean year the Capitol Hill 28’s home buildings were constructed. 19 of 28 rent. In sum, the spaces total around 3,000 seats.

More seats are coming. This fall, the theater space + office space + affordable housing project 12th Ave Arts will open near 12th and Pine. While some of the existing seats are threatened. CHS wrote about the early push for creating a Capitol Hill cultural district that would protect and create new arts space here in 2013.

Below are the spaces included in the dataset so far. If there are missing venues, you can let the city know via email.

The Capitol Hill Cultural Spaces

  1. Artist Trust
  2. Seattle Asian Art Museum
  3. Nortthwest Film Forum
  4. Elliot Bay Book Company
  5. Hugo House
  6. Seattle Public Library Capitol Hill
  7. The Project Room
  8. Annex Theatre
  9. FRED Wildlife Refuge
  10. Metrix Create Space
  11. Rainier Chapter House DAR
  12. Century Ballroom
  13. Crybaby Studios
  14. Neumos/Barboza
  15. Erickson Theater Off Broadway- Balagan
  16. Lee Center for the Arts
  17. Seattle Central Community College Broadway Performance Hall
  18. Velocity Dance Center
  19. Volunteer Park Ampitheater
  20. Washington Ensemble Theatre
  21. Frame Central/North West Framing
  22. Gage Academy of Art
  23. Ghost Gallery
  24. Photographic Center Northwest
  25. Pound Arts
  26. True Love Art Gallery
  27. Vermillion Gallery
  28. Longhouse Media
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