Blotter | Capitol Hill flower shop nailed in $30k burglary

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  • $30k burglary: A Capitol Hill flower shop lost thousands of dollars worth of valuables in a weekend burglary in late April. According to the SPD report on the April 26th weekend burglary, somebody busted through the door of E Aloha’s Mary Megan Olander flower shop and emptied the business of valuables including approximately $25,000 worth of jewelry:
    Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.21.08 PM
  • Crosswalk gun dispute: Police were called to the intersection of Summit at E Pike Wednesday, April 30th just before midnight to a report that a man in a pick-up truck had threatened two males with a gun as they attempted to cross the street. According to the report on the incident, the street crossers told police they were almost struck by the truck and yelled at the driver as he passed that they were “at a crosswalk.”
    The victims told police the driver stopped and began to call the males “names” and pulled out what the victim’s believe was a handgun as one of them dialed 911. Police were searching for a silver Toyota or Nissan pick-up last seen westbound on E Pine following the incident.
  • Melrose robbery: Police investigated a reported street robbery and assault late on the night of Saturday, April 26th in the 100 block of Melrose Ave E involving a man the victim said he knew. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim told police he was jumped by the known suspect and another male around 11 PM as he left his apartment through the nearby alley. The victim said he was punched and assaulted as the suspects were eventually able to rip his wallet from his chain and flee the area. No immediate arrests were made in the case and the victim did not require medical attention, according to the SPD report.
  • DUIs: Police made two DUI arrests on the streets of Capitol Hill last weekend. Both occurred early Saturday, May 5th. In the first incident, police arrested a 45-year-old man in the 1600 block of Harvard Ave around 1:40 AM. In the second, a 35-year-old West Seattle woman was taken into custody around 5 AM near 19th Ave E and E Thomas. Both have pleaded not guilty.
  • 12th Ave assault: Police investigated an assault outside a restaurant in the 400 block 12th Ave just south of E Jefferson early on the morning of Monday, April 28th. Here’s the report on the incident:Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.41.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 12.41.59 PM
  • Broadway/Pike bike vs. pedestrian collision: A poster in the CHS classifieds says a bike delivery rider ran into a group of pedestrians at Broadway and Pike on Monday, May 5th just before 9 PM. If you saw the incident, the victim is looking for witnesses.
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