‘Kicked Out Of Capitol Hill,’ Don’t Talk To The Cops say goodbye

Reign City has the details:

Don’t Talk To The Cops are having their final show and djBlesOne’s birthday celebration this Friday, May 9 at Chop Suey. Their latest song, “Kicked Out Of Capitol Hill,” tackles the Capitol Hill Condo takeover.

DTTTC have the jam:

artworks-000078644722-bhmsk2-t500x500DTTTC say:

Kicked out of our neighborhood by people tearing down a bunch of historic buildings to build a bunch of lame condos for a bunch of people who want to live on Capitol Hill but not really live on Capitol Hill. Bye bye Capitol Hill, R.I.P. Same story in my town as it is in yours…

Well, technically, guys, they aren’t condo buildings… ah, forget it… nevermind.

The new song joins Draze’s The Hood Ain’t the Same on your displaced nostalgia mix tape. And, remember, Capitol Hill — or Pike/Pine, at least — died eight years ago this November.

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10 thoughts on “‘Kicked Out Of Capitol Hill,’ Don’t Talk To The Cops say goodbye

    • When we hit the next bust cycle (and history promises we will), all these little boxes called apartments will convert to condos faster than when they were built.

      • Do you have historical evidence that rentals get converted to condos during a bust cycle? People have no money to buy during a down cycle, so wouldnt the shift move to rentals at that time?

    • Seriously?!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, not the point. Apartments, condos- the point is, Amdroids, yuppies and the new wealthy increasingly think they want to play in one of Seattle’s traditionally exciting and creative neighborhoods -all while they and greedy (and don’t dare say they’re not greedy developers) developers force the very exciting creatives, artists, etc off the hill, out of the city by willingly, gladly driving up the cost of housing. And City Council? They do NOTHING to stop or slow it. There isn’t even an attempt at restricting annual rent increases. Why not write about that so profusely, JUSTIN!?!

  1. Interesting link to the Stranger story…although based on the photo above I expected it to be a post about the death of Slats. He rather was Capitol Hill. How long ago was that, anyway? God, I’m old……

  2. Life’s not been good for you
    It’s just not fair
    You did nothing to deserve it
    You did nothing at all
    Sit back and watch
    It turns from bad to worse
    No matter how loud you cry
    It always hurts

    Boy I’m glad I’m not in your shoes

    How could things
    Get any worse for you?
    You’re so fucking alone
    How could things
    Get any worse for you?
    I don’t blame you
    When you piss and moan

    Everybody gets
    What you should’ve got
    Everybody takes
    Your opportunities
    Everybody gets
    The breaks that belonged to you
    Everybody takes
    Your just desserts

    Life’s not been good for you
    It’s just not fair
    I’ve got some news for you
    Nothing is fair
    I wish there was a way
    To make it all better
    I pray for a way
    To make you happy
    Cause I’m sick and I’m tired
    Of your whining, complaining, and bitching and moaning
    Boo fucking hoo

    -Minor Threat

    • Here’s an idea, you brilliant punk rock transcriber. This is an article about Don’t Talk to the Cops. Don’t Talk to the Cops have penned their own lyrics. Maybe it occurred to you share the lyrics of the band THAT THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT?

      • @roberto

        sorry, blog-comments-nazi, i didn’t your memo about the specific rules to what i could and couldn’t post in response to the theme of this blog post.

        if you’d care to think a little about the lyrics, you’ll see that my comment is for don’t talk to the cops, and others, who bitch about being “driven off the hill”. it’s in direct reference to what “THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT”.