Blotter | Massive Pike/Broadway brawl, swarm of Hill biz burglaries

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  • Shell Station brawl: Another weekend, another swarm of police and fighting at the Broadway and Pike gas station. Seattle Police were called to the gas station and market at Pike and Broadway around 2 AM Saturday morning to a report of “at least 50 people fighting” in the area. They arrived to find a cluster of groups fighting and a female victim who reported her purse had been stolen in the melee. Police took one male into custody as he attempted to flee the scene at 10th and Pike. The suspect was positively identified as the street robbery suspect. We do not know about any additional arrests or injuries in the incident at this time.The station has been the center of fights and street robberies in the area again this spring as groups of nightlife revelers mix with teens hanging out at the market. At the end of May, we reported on this incident in which one assailant was arrested after a late night street robbery outside the station. Early Wednesday, a male victim said he was beaten and robbed near the station in a gay bashing.
  • Burglary swarm: A handful of business burglaries were reported across the Hill in recent days. We know of broken glass and stolen items at E Olive Way’s Holy Smoke, 15th Ave E’s Shop Rite and 19th Ave E’s Cone and Steiner among the unlucky group. One shop lost a laptop and cash in its smash and grab. You might want to advise your favorite neighborhood merchants to keep any laptops or tablet computers locked away and make sure to empty the tills.
  • DUI: Three drivers were arrested and booked for DUI overnight continuing a recent trend of an uptick in charges for impaired driving around the Hill.  Cops pulled over drivers at 14th and Union, 19th Ave E and Boyer and in the 100 block of Broadway E to nab their allegedly inebriated drivers. If you drink, get a ride. Or walk with a friend.
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21 thoughts on “Blotter | Massive Pike/Broadway brawl, swarm of Hill biz burglaries

  1. Could you please start posting name information for the people who are getting DUIs? Name and shame is an important way to stop DUIs, and prevent them from being a “socially acceptable” crime.

    • Yeah, great idea Ricky. “Name & Shame” based on accusation before proof of charges? What would prevent cops from “naming and shaming” anybody they want to harass, if all they had to do would be say, ‘oops, we take it back, our mistake–wrong person’? Damage is done then. Terrific idea. Hey, that would work great for sex offenders, too, huh?

    • Yes, and it’s been true for quite some time. Ever hear of the “broken windows theory”?….it’s alive and well in that part of Capitol Hill.

      • the “FIXING broken windows theory” pertains to repairing vandalism and painting over graffiti quickly, which transformed areas on NYC in the 1980s – so HOW does this relate to Pike/Pine exactly??

      • …because there is a lot of graffiti and vandalism in Pike-Pine, and according to the theory this is fertile ground for other types of crime.

  2. And……..this is why I don’t frequent Pike/Pine late on weekend nights. Too many assholes out and about.

  3. I live on Pine, and it has been getting terrible. I’m looking to move out of the neighborhood. I also wonder why anyone is perplexed at the increase in impaired driving–almost every sandwich shop, coffee house, and other establishment has a liquor license, and Capitol Hill is the go-to destination to drive to and get drunk.

    • The “coolness” of alcohol and drunken behavior gets pushed by many voices our neighborhood, not the least of which The Stranger, which has its regular “Bartender Crush” feature. Because obviously bartenders are probably the most interesting people who live in this neighborhood whom we all need to know more about so we can try to emulate them. And then there’s the “Drunk of the Week.” So, so cool.

  4. So this one’s moving to Georgetown,that one’s moving to Ballard, and some fine upstanding member of the neighborhood has renamed it “Doucheville”. Next, we blame the parents and after that we blame the out of towners. In these and all other comments I haven’t seen one word about lack of police presence. The pitifully few cops I’ve seen, not only in that area but all over Capitol Hill as well, are either driving by at 20 or 30 mph or just sitting in their cars. Why? Do they have some aversion to walking? Out of a police force of 1200 or so, why can’t half a dozen be sent to that area ON FOOT, not only at 2am but all day as well.
    I don’t feel safe anywhere in Seattle, regardless of neighborhood. I wouldn’t dare walk alone after 10 pm. I feel vulnerable and completely unprotected. I lived in NY for almost 40 years and would walk around fearlessly in the wee hours. I knew the cop on the beat by his first name-even the plainclothes cops. Who in this city can make that claim?

    • Cheers to NYPD for their foot patrol! I have no doubt that uniformed officers (wearing thier hats too :) with billy clubs in hand and pistols in holsters, up-close and in your face, deters crime & violence in the streets. Patrol cars are merely reactive; foot patrol is proactive. Word.

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