CHS Pics | Trans* Pride swells to thousands for march, rally on Capitol Hill

10475837_10102616084093540_4475402941586695915_n10488402_10102616084083560_8656860706119431475_nHundreds of people joined the annual Trans* Pride march through the streets of Capitol Hill Friday night to lend their feet, voices, and faces to recognizing and celebrating the transgender community in Seattle.

Trans*Pride Seattle is open to everyone who believes trans* and gender non-conforming people deserve to live lives free from violence, discrimination, stigmatization, poverty, hatred, rejection, medical abuse and neglect, and mental pathologization.

The event organized by the Gender Justice League was only the second ever Trans* Pride following the event’s successful 2013 debut.

The 2014 march after winding its way through Pike/Pine and by the fences set up for the many bear gardens beer gardens of Capitol Hill Pride parties just starting to heat up, again ended at Cal Anderson for a rally, information tables and a chance to hang out.

The 2014 keynote speaker was writer Elena Rose. Other speakers included CeCe McDonald, an activist for trans women released from prison earlier this year after serving 19 months in prison for a murder many contend was self defense.10340147_10102616084303120_90995850635821799_n

More pictures from 2014 are below.


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5 thoughts on “CHS Pics | Trans* Pride swells to thousands for march, rally on Capitol Hill

  1. Beautiful photos of beautiful people! Makes my heart happy to see such a strong representation of the Trans/Gender-variant community

  2. Amazing march and rally. Thanks for the great coverage! It was a wonderful event, including all the speakers and music in the park. Trans Rights are Human Rights! :)

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  4. This is a beautiful scene for sure, however after pride the hill will go back to dismissing and often giggling at the the trans community