Beware ‘No on Parks’ robo-call chicanery

Tuesday, ballots are due in the August primary election and Seattle’s vote on the creation of a metropolitan tax district to transition funding of the city’s parks system away from levies.

If you haven’t voted yet — or even if you have — beware of probably illegal shenanigans at play:

If your phone rings today and you see “911-9111″ in the caller ID, don’t worry that it’s a reverse 911 call warning you about a toxic gas leak or an armed fugitive or something in your neighborhood. In fact, don’t pick it up at all. It’s just those lying liars from the “No on Parks” campaign attempting to trick you into listening to their robocall.


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5 thoughts on “Beware ‘No on Parks’ robo-call chicanery

    • Incredibly sleazy. I hope they get more than a slap on the wrist from the criminal investigation into use of the 911 # sequencing used.

  1. a REALLY sleazy way to get their message out, but this Prop 1 thing is majorly fucked up and SHOULD be voted down. Only somebody who’s got money to waste should be voting to hand more money to the fools in City Hall who will just fritter it away with no accountability.

    • My thoughts exactly. We only have to look at the way Cal Anderson is handled (or not) to see that the last thing we want to do is write the City a blank check for parks. Give us another levy with a solid dollar amount and I would vote yes for it just as I have in the last elections. And the whole notion of buying and creating more parks when we can’t even manage the ones we have is ridiculous. The Pro Prop #1 folks are like the New Urbanists that are suddenly running this city. Their tactics are no less slimy and deceptive in my opinion.

      Just say no!

  2. I’m voting NO because this is essentially a blank check given to inept officials to mismanage our money til kingdom come and there is no going back, even by vote.