Residents injured in Boylston apartment building fire

(Image: @lazeruskennon via Twitter)

(Image: @lazeruskennon via Twitter)

Five people were reported injured in an early evening fire in the Boylston Hotel apartment building.

The 39-unit boarding house style building between Pike and Pine on Boylston was reported burning around 5:40 PM Monday.

A Seattle Fire response was underway and firefighters had the first floor portion of the blaze in the three-story building under control within 20 minutes. The fire was reported fully “tapped” at 6:30 PM. Meanwhile, searches of the building’s interiors continued.

Seattle Fire reported that one person was transported to Harborview but other patients were being evaluated for smoke inhalation at the scene. A second person was also transported in serious condition while two more were taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. According to Seattle Fire, at least one person was injured jumping from the burning building. In all, five people were transported to the hospital from the scene with burn, smoke, and fall injuries, according to SFD. Earlier in the evening, SFD reported there were six injured but one person transported was only accompanying the patients, according to Seattle Fire radio updates.

The Seattle Fire Marshal was dispatched to investigate the cause of the blaze.

Nearly 50 SFD units were deployed to fight the blaze and care for people injured in the fire as smoke spread across lower Pike/Pine.

Both directions of Pine near the scene were closed while the westbound lane of Pike was closed to traffic during the response.

Smoke was seen rising in the area behind the massive construction site for the redevelopment of the former home of the Pike Mercedes dealership. The developer of the 600 Pike building bought appears to have purchased an easement of the Boylston Hotel for $40,000 in March, 2014 according to King County records as part of a multiple-parcel string of purchases that spring in preparation for construction of the Pike project.

The building offers weekly rates and no deposit rentals and has been available as sex offender housing according to local crisis clinic resources.

The Red Cross was called in to assist with helping residents displaced by the fire.

UPDATE 9/8/2015 12:03 PM: Seattle Fire reports that the marshal’s investigation has determined Monday’s fire was an accident caused by electrical wiring. Residents remain displaced from the building due to fire and water damage. The estimate for damage to the building is $73,000:

Seattle Fire Investigators determined that yesterday’s two-alarm fire in an apartment building at 1517 Boylston Avenue was caused by an electrical malfunction in a refrigerator. The damage is estimated at $73-thousand to the contents and the building.

Black smoke and flames were reported coming from a first floor unit at 5:41 Monday afternoon. Due to the amount of fire and the number of injuries, additional firefighters were called to the incident. Five residents were transported to Harborview Medical Center. Four residents suffered smoke inhalation and another suffered a leg fracture after jumping from a third story window on to the roof of an adjacent building. None of the injuries are considered life threatening.

A total of 45 people were displaced from the building. Red Cross is providing assistance with temporary housing.

(Images: @kneehighstockco)

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6 thoughts on “Residents injured in Boylston apartment building fire

  1. I saw the woman jumping from the window. I was hoping there was a net or something but could not see from my vantage point. I really hope that she and the other person in the window are okay.

  2. First, let’s make sure this wasn’t arson. Second, let’s find out how you can buy a property like this on Capitol Hill for $40,000. These two questions might just be related.

    • The $40,000 figure listed in the property records is likely an easement not a sale. I’ll see what I can find out. In meantime post has been updated.

  3. Wow, I hope everyone is O.K. That’s really scary and surprising that someone had to jump out of a window. I always assumed that since the fire station is right in the heart of the neighborhood that those of us that are close to it will be fine if there is a fire as they can get there in 2 minutes. I guess my reasoning if faulty and I need to take a second look at my buildings ancient fire escapes and buy a fire extinguisher. Scary.

  4. One of the neighbors said that the former tenants weren’t given any help and are not getting their rent back. Might be something good to follow up on.