Blotter | One shot in Central District rolling gun battle

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  • Central District shootout: One person was shot and taken to Harborview and police were gathering shell casings and evidence across the Central District after a rolling gun battle Sunday night. 911 callers reported hearing anywhere from 20 to 40 shots in the moving shootout involving at least two vehicles that scattered shell casings and bullets from 25th and Jackson to 26th and Yesler starting around 10:30 PM Sunday. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, police found one of the vehicles with bullet damage ditched near 26th and Yesler where witnesses reported a man shot during the melee had been taken to Harborview by a passerby. We don’t have further information on his injuries but police were able to interview the victim at the hospital, according to radio updates. Police fanned out across the area to collect evidence including 9mm shell casings. One person was taken into custody during the response and a stolen Glock 40 was reported recovered. Police were looking for a new, white Lexus sedan reported to have been involved in the shooting.
  • E Madison invasion robbery: A woman told police she was robbed at knifepoint inside her E Madison apartment Friday afternoon. According to the SPD report on the incident, the victim said an unknown male had knocked on her door around 1 PM to tell her there was a letter for her outside her door. She told police the letter had turned out to not be hers. An hour later, the woman said she answered another knock at her door:
    The victim told police the assailant left after grabbing the phone, the necklace, her $800 purse, and her debit and credit cards. She was not injured in the robbery. Police were trying to get security video from the building and continue to investigate the incident.
  • Busker helps nail tip thieves: A teenager victims said was part of a group stealing tip jars from Capitol Hill businesses was arrested Sunday when he returned to the scene near a recent ripoff at Pike/Pine’s Pettirosso. The 16-year-old suspect’s mistake? Tangling with a neighborhood busker:

    Victims began calling 911 just before 3 p.m Sunday to report a group of people stealing tip jars from Capitol Hill businesses. The victims said the group would enter the business and take the money before fleeing in a car. Shortly after, a female approached a busker in 100 block of Broadway East and attempted to steal the musician’s tips. The victim chased the woman and caught her as she entered a nearby alley. While attempting to retrieve his cash the suspect’s friend exited the getaway vehicle and began hitting the victim. The victim released the woman who then escaped with the other male. The male suspect, in the process of assaulting the victim, dropped his cell phone and in his haste to escape failed to notice. The victim picked up the phone and called 911 to report the robbery.

    Police say when they arrived to investigate the busker’s call, the 16-year-old suspect approached them and accused the musician of stealing his phone. “Officers quickly took the suspect into custody and recovered the musician’s money,” SPD reports. Additional victims also came to the scene to identify the male teen suspect. A search for the female suspect was not immediately successful. The 16-year-old was booked into the King County Youth Services Center.

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