911 | Arrest after shots fired in reported 13th Ave armed robbery

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  • 13th Ave armed robbery arrest: At least one suspect was arrested after three were detained in a reported armed robbery near 13th and Spring early Saturday morning. According to East Precinct radio dispatches, several 911 callers reported gunshots in the area just after 1 AM. Police arrived and located a victim nearby on 12th Ave who reported running during the attempted robbery and hearing gunfire ring out. Police found at least one shell casing at the scene and began searching for a getaway vehicle described as a white sedan marked with a distinctive tattoo-like symbol. An officer spotted the vehicle near MLK and Cherry where police made the stop and detained three people from inside the car. At least one person was arrested.
  • OD calls: Sunday was a busy day for Seattle Fire emergency crews. In addition to a hazardous material response in the CD (below), there was a spate of 911 calls reporting unconscious patients and possible overdoses throughout the day around Capitol Hill. Around 11:20 AM, a caller reported a male in his 20s found unconscious with a needle in his arm inside the bathroom of a business in the 400 block of Broadway E. SFD units arrived to find the man revived and reduced the callout. Similar callouts followed just after 2 PM at 17th and Jefferson and again on Broadway near Republican around 3:15 PM where a male also in his 20s was breathing by the time medics arrived. Another callout followed for a male at the gas station in Montlake just before 4 PM. Finally, the last call of the type on the day that we’re aware of came inside the bathroom at a bar in the 700 block of E Pine where a male was found unconscious and unresponsive of an apparent heroin overdose. The patient regained consciousness by the time Seattle Fire arrived. While we don’t track numbers of typical serious SFD dispatches, anecdotally, Sunday’s total represents an odd spike.Fortunately, each of the callouts Sunday ended without a need for serious medical intervention or the use of opiate antidote — but when in doubt, call 911.
  • Sunday CD hazmat response: Part of the Central District was blocked off Sunday afternoon after Seattle Police discovered a dead body and noxious fumes inside a residence near E Cherry and 20th. Seattle Fire was called to the scene of the suspected suicide to help with the chemicals found inside the residence. There were no reported additional injuries and nearby buildings were not evacuated. Seattle Police are investigating. Here are two resources to help those in need: National suicide-prevention hotline: 800-SUICIDE. Local Crisis Clinic: (206) 461-3222.

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3 thoughts on “911 | Arrest after shots fired in reported 13th Ave armed robbery

  1. Fun fact from an EMT friend: when heroin addicts are revived by Narcan – their first reaction is usually expressing hatred for the people who saved them. Their second reaction is to go out and get high again.

    In other words, the current way police, emergency and fire personnel distribute Narcan – with zero expectations of the addict – ends up being the ultimate act of enabling.

  2. You are correct that narcan sends people into immediate withdrawal in seconds, often making them very combative. Your knowledge of what happens next is wrong and misleading.

    People who are administered narcan are not just sent back out on the street. They are admitted and evaluated at a hospital, where they are kept until they can be discharged directly to a social worker, who works with them to find rehab options and find other ways to help.