Blotter | 23rd Ave gun battle, ‘convoluted’ Broadway assault, vloggers reported in Pike/Pine

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  • A CHS reader provided this photo of the scene near 23rd and Marion during Wednesday search: “This is a photo of police investigating the shooting on E Marion and 23rd today around 4PM- We heard the shots and saw one of the vehicles involved. Police were canvasing the area for casings and bullet holes- 2 bullet holes were found fired E from the intersection in the cars in the back, and at least one vehicle was struck by a bullet fired W- its back window was shot out”

    23rd Ave gunfire: Police investigated a rolling gun battle that tied up traffic around 23rd Ave but fortunately left no victims Wednesday afternoon. According to East Precinct radio dispatched, 911 callers began reporting several gunshots in the area of 23rd and Marion around 3:30 PM and quickly found a trail of shell casings and damaged vehicles along the streets starting around Midtown Center. Witnesses told police shooting began in the shopping center and continued as involved vehicles sped away. Police blocked traffic along 23rd Ave to collect evidence and a K9 unit searched the neighborhood on foot to search for at least one suspect seen fleeing the area. More gunfire was reported in the area as the search was underway. At least one firearm was reportedly recovered but we have not confirmed that with police. There were no injuries and no immediate arrests.

  • 26/Alder armed robbery: Two victims reported being robbed at gunpoint in a hold-up at 26th and Alder just after midnight on May 2nd:
    Police noted that the victim vehicle smelled of marijuana and that both victims appeared intoxicated. Officers were also suspicious of the coordinated nature of the hold-up:There were no arrests.
  • Key burglar suspect: A Capitol Hill business has a mystery burglary on its hands and has provided this picture of the person they say is breaking into area businesses — somehow — using keys:
    Last night (Friday) at about 2 a.m. the alarm went off at XXX and we got a call from ADT.  I headed to the shop and XXX called the police and they said to not enter until the police officer  was there. When I went down, the alarm had stopped but the lights were on. Everything looked  in order. When the police officer got there we went in together. The doors were locked and  everything looked fine. I called the next morning and ADT said the alarm was triggered by a front  door breach. Then, this afternoon someone called the shop to say that he had seen someone  come into the shop at around 1:30 or 2 a.m. and then leave and lock the door after the lights came
    on and he heard the alarm beep. He said the guy was “about 47 years old and 5 foot 7 inches tall”  with a back pack and a beany style ski cap with a ball on top. He said the guy approached our door,  walked away and then came back after a few minutes and tried 4 or 5 keys. One key worked, he walked  in and then quickly left and locked the door.
    CHS suspects a “knox box” bandit. If you haven’t heard about the break-in vulnerability, you can read more about it from a past CHS report here.
  • ‘Convoluted’ Broadway assault: This Friday, May 4th assault report from Broadway and E Olive Way is a doozy involving colorful descriptions — polk a dot pants, pink ponytail — and a complicated crime scene. We’ll let reporting officer Dorian Koreio take over here:
    Ready? Here we go…
  • A scene from Tuesday’s broadcast as a vlogger interviewed a man outside Seattle Central

    Vlogger disturbances: There were multiple reports to police of harassment and assaults but no arrests Tuesday as a group streamed their provocative “live vlog” around the streets and businesses of Pike/Pine and Broadway. It’s not clear if the group was ever contacted by police but officers were clearly aware of the shenanigans underway in the neighborhood and prioritizing calls about the broadcast accordingly as the vloggers attempted to interview people about gender and other provocative topics as thousands of viewers tuned in online. CHS had the unfortunate experience of viewing the live stream but did not report the vloggers for assault or harassment. According to the group’s latest updates, they have moved on from the city.

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4 thoughts on “Blotter | 23rd Ave gun battle, ‘convoluted’ Broadway assault, vloggers reported in Pike/Pine

  1. The Midtown block is a prime example of why Seattle needs to change it’s policy on demo permits. That property is nothing but a nuisance and should just be flattened and fenced off until the new construction starts.

    • Unfortunately, I think, at this time the only thing one can do is apply for a permit to deconstruct the structure provided they demonstrate that a lot of the materials are going to be reused or recycled. If I recall correctly those permits can be issued a few months prior to the projected issuance of the building permit…..I’m going by memory so the timeframe might be a bit off. You’re correct tho, unless one applies for the deconstruction permit, the demo permit will only be issued with the building permit.

      • There’s also the issue of the two houses on the block, you cannot remove housing in Seattle without replacing it, so again the property owners and surrounding neighborhood are stuck dealing with this until ready to apply for the construction permit.

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