Blotter | ‘Help the officer’ at Bellevue/Mercer, dumpster fire investigation, I-5 crossing death

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  • Officer assault: A “help the officer” call triggered a huge response from Seattle Police Tuesday afternoon at Bellevue and Mercer. Police were called to the area around 3:20 PM to a report of a man suffering a mental or drug crisis walking in circles in the street. After being contacted by an officer, the man reportedly began struggling and a “help the officer” call was issued sending units from across the area speeding for the scene. During the incident, the man reportedly assaulted an officer but was taken into custody. Seattle Fire was called to the scene to assist with the possible “excited delirium” situation and to sedate the man. He was taken to Harborview.
  • Dumpster fire investigation: Seattle Police were called to assist Seattle Fire at a rubbish fire on First Hill as a string of similar fires were reported across the city within a 90 minute period Tuesday morning. Authorities are looking into the string of dumpster fires as possible arson. Tuesday’s fire scene on First Hill was reported just before 8 AM outside a daycare on 9th Ave.
  • Armed robbery reported: Police were investigating after an armed robbery attempt reported Monday night near 16th and Fir just before 10 PM. Police were called to the area after the attempted street robbery and were searching for a suspect described only as a black male in his 30s or 40s, 5’6″ with a thin build, and wearing a dirty white shirt and possibly no shoes. We don’t know what kind of weapon the victim was threatened with. There were no arrests after an extensive K9 search of the area. UPDATE: Here’s the report on the scary sounding incident from SPD:
  • Fire alarm burglars: We haven’t heard about any incidents like this happening around the Hill yet but KOMO reports on an irritating new burglary trend — fire alarm break-ins. “Police said the thieves use that time to rush down hallways checking door handles and mainly steal credit cards and computers,” KOMO reports. “They often use the credit cards before people even realize they were burglarized.” Officials say you should make sure to evacuate as quickly as possible the next time you hear your building’s alarm. Just make sure to lock up — and take your keys — as you head out. UPDATE: A reader tells CHS he believes he was the victim in a similar burglary at the Pine + Minor building in June. According to the reader, the fire alarm was pulled on the roof in the June 23rd incident. As residents emptied out of the building, someone entered the reader’s conveniently located top floor apartment unit and ripped off his laptop. “I think they scored big on my apartment and just bailed, no other reports from neighbors about missing things,” the reader writes.
  • 15th Ave E egging: The egging victim followed the egger and a woman accompanying the vandal who eventually brandished a knife in a July 3rd, 1 AM incident just off 15th Ave E:
    Police were called to the scene but the egger and his knife-toting accomplice had left the area. There were no arrests.
  • Central District carjacking: Police investigated a gunpoint carjacking at Dade Street Park the night of Friday July 6th just after 5:30 PM. According to East Precinct radio reports, a male victim reported his white Dodge Avenger was stolen at gunpoint by a suspect last seen speeding away in the vehicle on Lakeside Ave S. There were no arrests and the vehicle was not immediately located.
  • Parking garage jumper: Police were able to end a standoff situation peacefully the night of July 6th as a person was threatening to jump from Seattle Central’s E Pine garage. Seattle Fire was called to assist at the scene below the Boylston side of the structure. Police were able to talk the person down and take them into custody without incident around 9 PM.
  • I-5 death: A man in his 30s died after being hit by a truck while trying to cross I-5 on foot just south of Seneca early on the morning of Wednesday, July 11th. Seattle Fire responded to the collision just before 7 AM but the victim was dead at the scene. The areas of state land under and around I-5 are commonly used for camping or drug use and many of the spaces are accessed by risky crossings or climbs along the freeway.

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3 thoughts on “Blotter | ‘Help the officer’ at Bellevue/Mercer, dumpster fire investigation, I-5 crossing death

  1. Dumpster fires are a bit concerning. Our building overhands ours by a bit, so any fire in there would surely cause the building to become alight as well.

  2. The state needs to fence off that area using razor wire to keep homeless and druggies out then they won’t stupidly try to cross the freeway. That incident tied traffic up for hours.

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