Introducing Metro Mobile – Easier bus planning on your smart phone

Check out  for an easier way to plan your bus trips in Seattle. It takes the trip planning tools from King County Metro, and shrinks them down to mobile phone size, while still maintaining all the planning features, including:

  • Choose arrival or departure time
  • Choose walking distance
  • Accessible trips
  • More sensible trips than Google Maps Transit

 …and adds the following features:

  • GPS, for finding your current location
  • Address book, for adding your favorite addresses
  • Choose from common landmarks, such as the library, Seattle Center, airport, etc.

 You can follow metro mobile on Twitter @metro_mobile and on Facebook. Technical details are available in the Geek FAQ.

 Metro Mobile was developed by Nicholas Barnard. The site is free and doesn’t have advertising, but donations are welcome via the FAQ page. If you have trouble with GPS, please see the FAQ page for troubleshooting tips. Design and testing help from Brad Kevelin, Benjamin Schwartz, Ian Jaffe, and Lisa Templeton.

And the local angle? It was mostly developed on a laptop at Roy Street Coffee and Tea.

How to view Town Hall events on your iPhone calendar

  1. On your iPhone, open Safari and browse to 
  2. In the upper right, click Subscribe
  3. A new web page opens. Select “Subscribe to iCalendar feed.”
  4. Click the blue Subscribe button
  5. The iPhone pops up a dialog box. Click Subscribe.
  6. Wait for it… no, really, wait…
  7. Another iPhone dialog box pops up. “Calendar has been added.”
  8. Click “View Events”

Now your iPhone should open the calendar with a list of Town Hall events. To see these events overlaid on your own calendar, in the upper left click Calendars, then click All Calendars.

You can edit or delete your subscribed calendars by opening the iPhone Settings, and selecting Mail, Contacts, Calendars.