911 bombarded with Capitol Hill calls after more middle-of-the-night fireworks

In the grand scheme of things, finding out those booms in the night are fireworks and not gunfire could bring a sense of relief. But after another night of sleep-shattering booms on Capitol Hill, we’ve heard from a lot of you with questions about what, exactly, is happening with all of the pyrotechnical activity going on around the neighborhood.

We don’t know either. But we do know the CHS inbox and Twitter feed blew up with reports of loud explosions again Tuesday morning. According to East Precinct radio (listen above), 911 calls “spiked” to more than 20 reports of the overnight explosions. Here is one of the emails we received:

Have you heard anything about the loud explosions/fireworks early this morning around the block of Harvard/Boylston and mercer/Roy? There were a series of probably a dozen between 2am and 3am. It wasn’t the first I’ve heard them in the area around that time, but definitely the most extreme.  Not fun waking up to a game of “gunshots or fireworks?” Curious, irritated, concerned and very tired.

Another reader sent in these photos showing debris and smoke before police checked things out on Broadway overnight: Continue reading

Why is this black metal box at 10th and Pike?

Pike/Pinetrenpreneur (and CHS advertiser) Dave Meinert posted a picture Thursday night of this new addition to the streetscape in front of Neumos and claims to have no idea what it is. Our first bet, these days, is marketing. But this one looks… different. Bolted to the sidewalk, the black metal box is supported on a post. Its hinged door reveals a plexiglass screen. In the back there is a wiring hole. At this point, there is nothing to wire.

What is it?

A mysterious black metal box at 10th and E Pike St. Anyone know what it is?

Posted by David Meinert on Thursday, May 28, 2015

A check of permits for the area revealed nothing. We’ve asked SDOT — and others — for any information. We’ll update when we hear back.

(We suggest you review the comments already made on Facebook before you add your joke about 2001, Meinert’s soul, or the NSA… they’ve all been done!)

IMG_5488UPDATE 6/1/2015 1:25 PM: Pffffft. Our cynical first bet was correct. The black box is, indeed, marketing. The installation is apparently related to this Deehubs screen now hung from Neumos. Deehubs got some coverage over the winter as a Seattle startup that “projects messages and ads on buildings.” The City of Seattle, however, is not pleased. “SDOT is continuing to further investigate the unpermitted box in the right of way at 10th and Pike Street and are in discussions with those responsible for the non-compliant object,” a spokesperson tells CHS. As of Monday afternoon, the black box of 10th and Pike was still standing. In defiance. And marketing.

Meanwhile, somebody has put it to good use:IMG_5486


UPDATE 6/2/15 2:25 PM: Deehubs partner Giorgi Gurgendize contacted CHS to let us know about a blog post he wrote to clarify details of the 10th/Pike project:

This black box is nothing fancy, it is not a marketing gimmick or a symbol of upcoming alien invasion. If you think it is an advertising you’re mistaken, because Deehubs is all the opposite of that advertising you see in the city. This box is a call for the Free Speech. Soon a projector will be placed here and the neighborhood will be able to express itself in a loud manner.

Deehubs isn’t necessarily an advertising technology company, according to Gurgendize but it is looking at how to eventually generate revenue. “We’re just starting out,” Gurgendize told CHS in a short conversation Tuesday afternoon.

“We intend to use this movement in a positive way which is to celebrate pride as well as the history of this neighborhood and the communities that have called it home, especially the LGBTQ community,” he wrote. “Stand for the Free Speech!”

Gurgendize said his company is in the process of securing the proper permit for installing the projector case.

The Nevertold Casket Company might just be the strangest shop on E Republican

(Images: CHS)

Tiffany (Images: CHS)

Jack Bennett was sitting alone one night, when the name of his shop, the Nevertold Casket Company, popped into his head.

“What you put in a casket is all of the things you never told anybody,” Bennett said.

Nevertold features an eclectic mix of curious and unusual items, from a table made from an elephant’s foot (the elephant has been dead for more than 100 years) to a figurehead from a sort-of-ship to wall-mounted art woven from human hair. If there’s a theme, it’s death.

“Weird is what I like to call it,” Tiffany Bennett said.

Jack and his partner — in business and in life and, we suppose, death — Tiffany opened the store two weeks ago on the ground floor of an apartment building at 1317 E. Republican St.

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That yellow helicopter over Capitol Hill

A tour promo shot (Image: Seattle Helicopter Tours)

A tour promo shot (Image: Seattle Helicopter Tours)

How has this never come up before? Of all the helicopter reports and questions we get — and we get a lot! — we’ve never come across the mystery of the yellow helicopter over Capitol Hill.

Until now.

If you noticed a disturbingly low flying chopper visiting Capitol Hill Friday morning, don’t worry. It wasn’t a crime issue or TV news covering a building fire.

Seattle Helicopter Tours says it was busy providing a trip for some people involved with this weekend’s PAX at the Convention Center. The company offers tours of the city “starting as low as $90.83.” Apparently, it’s a bigger deal in Ballard. We asked if we might see more flights today with the PAX marketing folks going full tilt but the representative told us she couldn’t say.

Why were there a couple hundred French maids on Capitol Hill this weekend?

CHS does not get it. Maybe you can explain? Also, who is Misha Collins and how can he be stopped before he strikes again? (UPDATE: Attendee Jill MacCorkle put the maid count at 838. She also confirmed what we’d heard — three participants required medical attention for heat-related symptoms!)

As part of an international scavenger hunt organised by Supernatural actor Misha Collins, there will be a world record attempt in Seattle at 12:00 PM PST on August 3rd. The event will take place at the Miller Community Centre located at 330 19th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112. Our team is unable to get anyone to that city on that day to represent our us and add to our points tally for the adjoined scavenger hunt. We need someone willing to dress up as a French maid (along with everyone else at least) for a couple of hours and contribute to breaking a Guiness World Record!!! Continue reading