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Capitol Hill Christmas Lights! Updates!

Last night, the Final Answer household held its annual Christmas Lights Unveiling. Afterward, one household member commented that “Capitol Hill needs more Christmas lights.” I agree. There’s nothing cozier than walking through a neighborhood with twinkly strands of lights decorating the windows, doors, and shrubbery. So, now that it’s December, what are your decorating plans?


  • Two windows framed with one extra-long strand of white lights
  • A 3-foot lighted fir (in the kitchen for now)
  • A small menorah, although it still needs to be unpacked

UPDATE by jseattle (12/3/2008 10:23 PM)
Not only will I bump this to the top — I’m adding the CHS Holiday Awesomeness 2008 Map. I’ll be adding pictures from various locales around the Hill through the month.

The map is public so you can add to it to. Please do! If you’d rather keep your exact address secret, feel free to map it to the nearest intersection or landmark — or just leave a comment (btw, if you are a smarty pants, you can code images in the comments using standard HTML). Please use the map to showcase your outside decorations or your lovely tree, etc. set-up (like final answer’s)

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8 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Christmas Lights! Updates!

  1. Yeah, my friend & I decided to wait on our decorations for a few days . . . maybe when the time is right jseattle will bump this back to the top?

  2. But only about a third of what we’ve done the past couple of years. It could evolve over a couple of days. (Or I’m telling myself that it’s greener–when really I’m just more tired.) I can see sunset in the window’s sky, so I’ll turn them on right now.