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The Brix Saga Continues

Brix has had it’s share of problems.  It’s finally open and it’s retail portions seem to be doing well.  Personally, I love having Vivace close by and I finally tried to a chocolate martini from Dilettante and it was amazing.  But it sounds like on the business/ condo side things aren’t going any smoother. 

Via Urbnlvn, In January Brix sent a letter to condo owners stating that;

Because of the dispute over the amount owed Clark, it is possible that Clark will file suit on the lien and name you as a defendent because you now own a portion of the condominimum.

Then yesterday, Katwall Inc a contractor that was brought in to replace WG Clark, had this to say in the comments;

The Brix LLC letter is a joke. Don’t get involved. Run to another condo!!!!!

…they REFUSE to pay me the retention they held on the payment amount they agreed on… they owe us $ 74,000.00. This after I gave them about $ 40,000 free pick up work and then they changed my last invoice to about $ 50,000.00 less than they owe….

TODAY (MARCH 5, 2009) I AM FILING A NEW LIEN AND I AM OWED THE MONIES NOTED ABOVE BUT, I am only going after the retention. Brix LLC wants to make a deal at $ 7,500.00 but, they clearly owe more. I am a female owned company and I am a little guy in the business word, the kind or business these Brix people are out to destroy and put out of business so they won’t owe them anymore.

Sounds like a huge mess.

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