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Capitol Hill Taco Time to close

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It is our sad duty to inform you that the Madison branch of the Taco Time fast food restaurant chain is about to serve its last batch of Mexi-Fries. CHS received the following tip from neighbor Westley:

I saw a sign on Taco Time. I don’t remember exactly what it said, but I think it either said they are closing or moving. Not quite sure.

Note the panic — Westley was so distraught he was unable to recount even what he had read on the heartbreaking sign.

A quick phone chat with manager Rodney Keith confirmed the worst.

The Madison Taco Time will close its doors on Sunday. Keith says he’s moving on to a new gig. All other questions were referred to company HQ so no word on whether this was a surgical closure or part of a widespread downsizing for the chain.

According to the Taco Time Web Northwest site, the Madison location is one of 75 in the state. Wikipedia says the chain has more than 200 franchises in the US and another 75 in Canada and Japan.

The departure is also the latest in a long, slow exodus from the Hill for national fast food chains. Hill outlets of Taco Bell, Jack in the Box, and Kentucky Fried Chicken have all closed within the past three years.

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17 thoughts on “Capitol Hill Taco Time to close

  1. That really blows. But you are correct: Fast food chains do not seem to ever last on the Hill, although Jack in the Box was booted for Light Rail, so it was not of their choosing to close.

    Don’t forget Burger King either, which is now the UPS Store.

  2. I’ve only lived near the Hill for 3.5 years, but in that time I’ve seen Jack in the Box, Taco Bell, KFC, and now Taco Time close. Supposedly there were two different BKs on the Hill, one in the Harvard Market and one further up Broadway, but those are both long gone.

    I only hope that Taco Time will give way to a reasonably-priced food place. I still love Rancho Bravo in the old KFC.

  3. I appreciate the subtle digs on fast food chains, and do welcome the trend. Lets bring it full circle though, and have some of our unique local biz owners show the power of community and hire the 10-15 employees who were probably working poor AND just lost their jobs…

  4. This place was crap and offensive to mexican foodies. To call tator tots “mexi-fries”???? really gross and overpriced. I am so glad places like taco time and taco bell are making way for good mexican fast food like Rancho Bravo Taco.

  5. It’s funny… I knew that the Taco Time was there, but it never even crossed my mind to eat there. We have so many terrific options; not many are as cheap as TT, but society pays for “cheap” food in odd and unfair ways.

  6. That Taco Time was such an archaic use of the space anyway. Huge parking lot, big dining area with few ppl in it, trash from the place littering the sidewalk around it. Good riddance.

  7. Like the place, but, got very sick off of big burrito – had not been properly heated, tasted old – very hungry, ate anyway – sick as a dog through the night.

    I won’t eat there again, ever. My experience means they are not doing the food storage and handling as they should.

    Advice to all, eat the very popular fast moving items only. Taste is off, take it back.

  8. Fewer options – sometimes you have little time – limited money – and it tastes just fine. You are a food snob. OK by me, just get over yourself.

    Taco Time was never crowed and a great place to meet friends for coffee and something to munch and an hour of conversation. Parking was good too. The dining section was very pleasant – oh, forgot, no status from food snobs.

    Mexi tater tots are great to munch on. Just potatoes for all those scared of basic foods. Oil based cooking has been around for centuries. Fast when the oil gets hot, good flavor, and kills bacteria nicely. And good nutrition if you don’t over consume, many basic veggie oils are VERY good essential nutrition, brain food. Ask smart vegans.

  9. I was imprinted on the crisp burrito and mexi-fry combo as a teen in the late 60s so it’s a little bit of nostalgia for me. I know it’s not good for you or authentic, but I like it anyway, and the gourmand is not the target audience. After giving up carne a few years ago and switching to the pinto bean version this is is my only fast food choice now. I liked to ride the bus up the hill from downtown; the booths were comfy and a good place to eat and read for a bit on my lunch break. What a dissapointment when I found the place closed down! The folks who worked there were nice, and I hope they find other work quickly. There’s still the Elliot Ave location with several bus options from downtown, but I’ll miss my trips to The Hill.