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Chungee’s almost open

We were walking past 12th and Denny today and saw people working hard on finalizing the interior of Chungee’s which has taken over the old location of Esmerelda. Speaking quickly with the people inside, this is what we learned:

  • On Monday, February 8th, the restaurant will have its soft opening
  • Next Saturday there will be a grand opening party including line dancing out in front on the sidewalk of 12th

It looks pretty nice inside, but our group was understandably confused by the idea of line dancing. We shall see.

UPDATE by jseattle: Note in comments that the celebration will include a lion dance, not a line dance. Sounds like fun.

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13 thoughts on “Chungee’s almost open

  1. Isn’t this the same day that the Hard Rock is opening downtown? Not that it matters I guess, but I know its going to get me off the hill and we can always check this one out later :P

  2. Yes, it’s true! We’re finally opening Chungee’s Drink and Eat! Next Saturday we’ll be having a traditional LION Dance (@ 3:00pm) to bring good luck to the business. While the “Lions” perform, there will be drums and firecrackers just as in Chinatown to celebrate the Year of the Tiger on February 14th, Chinese New Year. It should be fun and a real kick off for Chungee’s. We are so anxious to finally open up!!!
    Thanks! Tom & Wen (2 Chungees)

  3. Will there be vegetarian/vegan options on the menu? We live just a few blocks away and my boyfriend is super excited about Chinese food so close by — but I keep telling him not to get his hopes up too high …

  4. My husband and I passed this restaurant by yesterday and we couldn’t decide the proper pronunciation. What’s the proper pronunciation of “Chungee”? Is it “chung-ee”? Or “chun-zhee”? I say it’s the former, but my husband says it’s the latter, citing a friend who has a similarly named cat. Can someone settle this bet? :)

  5. My boyfriend and I live down the street and we are SO excited for Chungees to open! A couple of posters had good questions though – vegetarian friendly?…(my experience is that it’s pretty easy to get vegetarian Chinese food) and what is the correct pronunciation of the restaurant name?

    I wish you guys the best of luck and we look forward to meeting you. :)

  6. Would be nice if you could fix the main story for those folks who don’t read the comments – re: LION dance not line dance.

  7. In my defense, I could have sworn that I heard “line” dancing when speaking with Chungees the other day. Plus, there are wooden porches outside the place that have a slight western feel to them.

    I’m glad that somebody caught it before people actually showed up Saturday expecting to hear country music. :)

  8. went there last night – good stuff. we’re going back for sure. the owners were super nice, the bartender was funny, and the food was good. we’re happy this is finally up and running…

  9. I was a little confused by the line dancing, but I can understand how the mistake would be made! When I read the post about lion dance, I literally LOL.

    Too bad I’m out of town this weekend but will definitely have to go down and check it out later on.

  10. I went there on opening night and I totally agree – good stuff. They did a great job for their first night in business too! I’ll be back. :)